5 US Colleges With Graduation Rate Over 80%

Since internet has already become an essential part of our lives, more and more students prefer studying at online schools rather than at traditional universities. And we totally understand those students, because online education is much more convenient and, what is more important, cheaper. Moreover, online schools have a higher graduation rate, which means that you are more likely to get your degree. So what are those best online schools that have the highest graduation rate is what we are going to figure out now.

1 Pennsylvania State University

Location: Old Main, State College, PA

Graduation rate: 87%

Penn State is one of the first universities that started implementing distance education. Moreover, Pennsylvania State University is one of the best US colleges.

2 University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Graduation rate: 84%

The University of Florida is one of the largest and prestigious colleges in America. Besides, its Distance Learning program has over 100 Bachelor’s degree programs.

3 George Washington University

Location: Washington, DC

Graduation rate: 81%

One of the best universities in the US offers a vast variety of online programs.

4 Marist College

Location: Town of Poughkeepsie, New York

Graduation rate: 80%

This prestigious college offers online BA programs in Business, Administration, and Marketing.

5 Full Sail University

Location: Winter Park, FL

Graduation rate: 80%

This relatively new college offers various online programs.

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