5 Universities With Lowest Tuition in Canada

Nowadays, university is a big deal and in order to get your dream job you should have a proper education. However, higher education is expensive indeed and it will for sure cost you a pretty penny. Nevertheless, there are some Canadian universities that have relatively low tuition fees. What are they? Check out 5 universities in Canada with lowest tuition fees.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University – British Columbia

Location: Richmond, Cloverdale, Surrey, Langley

Students: 19,980

Tuition cost: $4,462

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is the only polytechnic university in Canada that is why it not only offers traditional academics, but also apprenticeship and trade opportunities. KPU offers over 120 programs among which are such unique ones as graphic design for marketing, brewing, and horticulture science in urban ecosystems programs.

University of Alberta – Alberta

Location: Edmonton

Students: 38,450

Tuition cost: $5,321

The University of Alberta is one of the largest universities in Canada. The school offers more than 500 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate programs in various fields of studies. Moreover, the University of Alberta has the second-largest research library in Canada with more than 4.7 million titles and 8.7 million volumes of scientific articles, periodicals, researches etc.

The University of Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan

Location: Saskatoon

Students: 23,628

Tuition cost: $6,937

Students at the University of Saskatchewan study with the top Canadian researchers. This school has various studying programs including such interesting ones as food security and water security programs.

Brandon University – Manitoba

Location: Brandon (main), Winnipeg

Students: 3,525

Tuition cost: $4,298

This small school has been already working for 50 years and offers a plenty of various programs. Moreover, since this year Brandon University starts a cooperation program that will pair students with local employers.

Brock University – Ontario

Location: St. Catharines (main), Hamilton

Students: 18,788

Tuition cost: $7,018

The Brock University has over 120 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in such fields as humanities, education, health sciences, mathematic and sciences, and social studies. Not to mention the fact that the school itself is situated in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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