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Arrange the events in Twelfth Night in order from earliest to latest. 1. Olivia mistakes Sebastian for Cesario. 2. Olivia rejects Orsino and prefers Cesario. 3. Viola is astonished to see her brother. 4. Antonio risks danger bringing Sebastian to Illyria.

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on March 28, 2018

The events on the Night of the kings in order from the oldest to the most recent can be written as follows:1 - Olivia rejects Orsino and prefers Cesario.Olivia gives us an idea of Malvolio's character by saying that he suffers from self-love or is arrogant and vain.2 - Antonio risks danger bringin Sebastian to Illyria.Antonio, the man who saved Sebastian's life is touched by Sebastian's loss.3 - Olivia mistakes Sebastian for CesarioSebastian has now reluctantly accepted Antonio as his companion in the streets of Illyria.4 - Viola is surprised to see his brother.In the house of Olivia, Malvolio in a darkened room is teased mercilessly by Feste who tries, without success, to convince Malvolio that he is crazy.I hope that helped :)

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