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Are universities in England better than those in the United States, and what are the varying requirements if I want to enroll for a bachelor’s in the UK?

I’m looking to join a university in the UK region, and I’m not sure what the best way to start is. As an international student, how will the looming Brexit affect my enrollment there? I don’t have much information on what the repercussions might be if I enroll in a UK college. I’m also looking for a vibrant student life while in college. How does it feel like studying abroad in London?

Timothy Norman

in Study Abroad

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 25, 2018

Most undergraduate programs (all I think) require you to have completed a four-year high school course, which I think you have done already. UK colleges rank pretty highly in world placements and in fact they are the best rotating with universities in the US. I need to ask, is English the language of instruction i.e. primary in your country’s educational system? UK universities emphasize this point and if this isn’t the case you need to bridge this maybe with a TOEFL exam. The UK has a large number of international students, in fact the highest last time I checked, so studying internationally in London should be a comfort. If you’re looking for a ranking of the best UK universities in the world, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburg and the University of Manchester should make your list.

Hundreds of thousands of students from other countries attend college here each year, myself included. It’s a great place to live and work and the communities are very welcoming and very friendly. English Universities have a great record of welcoming foreign students and you will find a community of students wherever you go, especially in the London area. With regards to Brexit, we all need to just wait and see how this shapes out. The news is that eligibility criteria especially with regards to financial aid won’t change. It looks like the government is looking to cushion students from the crisis. However, eventually EU members might face the same challenges. EU students, like others might need to apply for British student visas. We need to wait and see.

UK student life is vibrant, as mentioned and you will feel right at home in the UK. There are all kinds of nationalities here and you shouldn’t be worried that you will feel lonely or away from home. There are flexible visa rules that will allow you to work and study at the same time. With the specific requirements for students, you might need to check on each college and see what is needed of you. Consult the alumni of some of the schools especially on information such as financial aid and working rules. Consider what kind of course you want to pursue and specific requirements for each college. Do you need to fill out extra applications? All these matter and you should take your time to go through these before you begin.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

The UK is a great place to study and work and thousands go there each year looking for opportunities. You should probably get in touch with a local education office for the UK education department which you will find at your embassy. Also, join an online student forum where you can find more answers from folks who have been there. The UK allows you to study and work based on your student visa for a limited number of hours. You can thus make a bit of cash on the side. There are also opportunities for scholarships in institutions. You need to check whether you’ll need financial aid and if you are eligible. Universities in England are some of the best ranked worldwide. A degree from here will get you a great job
any way you look at it. Finally, London has some of the best student activities anywhere.

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