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Are there vegetarian options for a Thanksgiving dinner?

I would like to invite some friends for a special Thanksgiving dinner at my place. However, they are vegetarians and I do not have Thanksgiving dinner ideas to prepare something that they may like. The most difficult part will be to change the main dish and find some recipe instead of Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on November 12, 2018

Although the common menu for this holiday is definitely not suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and it actually causes horror to most of them because it involves the annual slaughter of many turkeys across the nation, there are certainly different options that meet their requirements to have a delicious dinner to celebrate this day.

If you take a look at some books and websites of vegetarian recipes, you will normally find that the dishes that are recommended for a special dinner on Thanksgiving consist mainly of vegetables. There are many sorts of salads that can be an easy alternative as dinner for your vegetarian friends. You can prepare small quantities of different salads to increase the array of dishes. And do not forget to slice bread and prepare some dips as fresh appetizers.

There are some dishes that you usually see at tables on this date that vegetarians will appreciate. For instance, spinach dips, stuffed mushrooms, and olives can be the right choice as appetizers ( Green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce can be good side dishes for your dinner, as well as sweet potatoes, corn, and Brussels sprouts side dishes (

There are many dishes that you already know and that you can prepare safely for your vegetarian guests. As there are more people who take the decision of becoming vegetarian, there are more dinner ideas for Thanksgiving dishes made with vegetables and fruit. Some creativity to prepare those dishes using different colors and match them with the napkins and the tablecloth will create a different holiday scenery.

Although some common appetizers and side dishes are suitable for everyone, regardless of whether they are vegetarian or not, when we get to the main dish the situation is more complicated. You need to replace the traditional turkey recipe for Thanksgiving and search for alternative dishes made with beans or tofu. There are indeed several dishes that can add the protein value to your dinner without containing meat.

Those recipes exist, but you can also buy a frozen vegetarian turkey that will need to be cooked for an hour (

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

In my personal opinion, social and family meetings occupy the first position in the list of events that take place on this date. Regardless of the weather, the activities or even the food, the most important part of this holiday is to share a special moment with others to show them how grateful we are for having them as members of our family or as friends. It is a perfect time to thank them for their love and friendship. If I had vegetarian friends, I would use these dinner ideas for Thanksgiving for sure. I must say that it is the first time that I read about them, and I did not even imagined that a vegetarian turkey existed. I am not vegetarian, but that food may be delicious. Someday I could taste it. But so far, all my friends eat the usual turkey, which I like myself so much. 

Noel Byrda year ago

A Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey is not a real celebration! Who thought that it would be possible to celebrate this holiday with a fake turkey? That is really awful. If someone cannot eat the normal turkey, they should not modify the Thanksgiving turkey recipe. I would advise to simply eat something else. Even soybean burgers would be better. There is so much food on this date that the only worry is what to choose to eat. Vegetarians have many vegetable dishes to choose from. 

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