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Are there UC study abroad programs for graduates?

Unfortunately, I’ve missed my chance to go abroad when studying for my Bachelor’s degree.  Now, I’m interested in UC study abroad programs for graduates. Are there any good offers? Does the university have this opportunity at all? If yes, advise me a good study abroad Masters program. I’d like to go to Europe but other countries will be okay as well. I think that study abroad experience is something every student should get. If not, you miss some essential skills that will help you in the future. You are becoming truly independent. So, I’d like to grasp my last chance and I need your advice for it.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on May 7, 2018

I totally agree that every student has to visit abroad courses during their studies. This experience opens a whole new world for you. You learn something new not only in term of knowledge but also about yourself. This is a time to learn to take responsibility, adapt to new environment, and quickly find a way out in emergency situations. I don’t say that every foreign student experience so much stress, but it unavoidable in small doses.

So, you are determined to pursue UC abroad studies. This is a great choice for undergraduates and graduates alike. The University of California has many offers. Of course, as usual, undergraduates get more options, but the competition is bigger for them as well. The University of California Education Abroad Program covers all continents and offers highly interactive programs. In addition to a new learning environment, you get the chance to participate in countless activities and excursions. Your social life is hectic as well. Constantly meeting new people is a pleasant yet tiresome practice.

Students of all majors can become a part of this program. No matter what you study, there is also an offer for you. There are always language courses open to all students and summer abroad programs that you may participate in.

I wouldn’t say that Master’s program abroad studies is your last chance to fulfill this dream of yours. There are always internships to dive into the world of international business relationships. You get a chance to show that you are worth more than a simple degree. You share your knowledge with international experts and can easily become one of them. You can even win an award for exceptional internship experiences. Though the money won’t be huge, you will be recognized by all partners of the university’s international connections. This will cost you a lot more than money.

I know that among the most popular programs for graduates are Paris and Tokyo. You may choose one of them or stick to something more creative. There is even a chance to conduct your independent studies abroad.

This is a list of graduate programs currently available you can search them by country and determine what you like the most. After that, it is better to contact the stuff and get a detailed consultation.

Remember that experiencing abroad studies should be enjoyable at least, at most—unforgettable. 

Olive Wilsona year ago

Yes, UCEAP is a great way to experience other cultures and mentalities. The list of programs is incredible. I’ve been on a summer program once as well. I really enjoyed my stay in the UK. You’ve mentioned that you want to go to Europe—great choice! I liked everything this program has to offer.

Indeed, the schedule was full of social activities as well. So, it wasn’t really boring to study in another country. Besides, there are many other exchange students in Europe, even in summer. You are never alone. I think that such journey is an ideal way to get to know people. Thanks to the popularity of this destination, I’ve met many foreigners and got to know how they live and think. It is amazing how different people can be.

UC study abroad programs are full of opportunities for any field of studies. However, I think language is what we train the most in such travels. 

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