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Are there teaching courses at the UNM continuing education?

I’m in search of continuing education for teachers. More specifically, I’m looking for options that offer online live classes as well as self-study. The reason is that I have a hectic schedule, balancing between teaching and family responsibilities.

I would prefer flexible learning that can fit my tight and unpredictable schedule. Moreover, I would like something that will not constrain me financially. I know UCLA continuing education is a good option for teachers. However, I also would to know what offerings UNM continuing education has before I can make my decision.

Jan Berry

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on May 10, 2018

Continuing education at UNM has many offerings. However, your intention for developing an interest in continuous training is not very clear. There are courses for personal enrichment and those for professional development.

You will attain professional certificates in a variety of courses in computer and IT, business, digital arts, and health and wellness areas. The only teaching professional course offered here is the online teaching certificate. Online teaching has become a lucrative choice for many educators. Therefore, this course is a great way to start teaching or improve your classroom performance. Training on online tutoring covers aspects such as course building, online student, and teacher discussion, and creating online tests.

However, pursuing continuing education at UCLA is a better option. The reason why I say this is that UCLA extension school has a wider course offering to ensure that you never stop learning. It also offers professional development support to educators at all levels in their careers.

Other advantages of this platform include:

  •    You will be taught the latest teaching methods. The modern classroom is evolving. Therefore, the kind of practices used five years ago may not reach out to the new generation of students. Up to date courses are what you should consider as you look for your CE credit.
  •    You will know how to use new technologies in your teaching. CE courses at UCLA teach educators the latest techniques to use in the classroom to enhance student learning experience.
  •    Flexible online classes. Their courses are designed for busy professionals who wish to continue learning as they work and fulfill family commitments.
  •    Affordable and accredited courses. UCLA course pricing is quite reasonable. It is not to say that they are cheap, but neither are they more expensive than what is offered by other institutions. Also, the school is accredited and so are the programs offered. You do not have to worry about the legitimacy of a course.

Other places you may find flexible and affordable continuing education for teaching professionals are:

Learners Edge offers self-paced and masters’ courses for teachers. You can do all these online from the class registration to the tests. You can explore the variety of courses they offer or access helpful resources for practicing teachers.

Phoenix CE for teachers can help you broaden your skill set and adapt to new technologies. Therefore, your career can grow to new heights as you improve the quality of your teaching. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

I think UCLA Continuing Education is one of the best CE platforms for teachers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a middle or high school teacher. You’ll find what you need here. The best guide to choosing an online CE course is:

Mode of learning: in the teaching profession, the style of learning for the teachers is vital. Teaching is an art that takes passion and experience to master. CE classes should be interactive with discussions and exercises conducted regularly.

The relevance to modern practices: courses shouldn’t be done for the sake of it. Examine the course module to understand whether it covers current teaching practices. Outdated programs, even if they give credit, won’t be useful to you in the real classroom.

Cost: From experience, I wouldn’t pay a premium for a CE course unless I can prove to myself that there is added value for the extra charge/ cost. 

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