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Are there study abroad scholarships in Australian universities?

When you decide to study abroad, you understand that it will not be cheap for you. No matter how eager you are to move to another country, money will always be an issue. Getting here education is expensive in all leading countries. Colleges in Australia are not the most affordable in the world either. So, naturally, I wonder about study abroad scholarships. Is there any way to get financial help when you go to study in Australia? What is study abroad award? I’ve heard about it a few times but do not know how one gets it.

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 7, 2018

Unfortunately, you are right about the higher education costs. It is expensive to study in the leading universities. No matter what country you come from, Australia is a truly popular option but not the cheapest one at all. However, what eases my mind the most about it is the fact that Australian colleges and universities are really top-notch and give you a great education. Finishing one of the leading establishments of the country, many doors will be open for you (only if you get the necessary skills, of course.)

A great news for you is that there are many scholarships for abroad studies that you can get. First of all, there are kinds of financial aid you can get in your country. There are many private companies who offer various kinds of financial aid including scholarships and grants. Secondly, pay attention to the international grants. There are some kinds that are open to anybody to apply for. Though the competition to one of those is always huge, you may have a chance to win one after all. It is better to try and lose than not to do it at all.

Now, when we’ve talked about the outer sources, let’s take a look at Australian offers. There are many kinds of financial aid you can get here including bursaries, scholarships, and grants. Many of them are offered by the governments, others are given by educational establishments and private entities. All of them are equally good. Remember, when you think that you have no other option, there is always something you can do. The number of offers is impressive, some of them are given only to the most persistent ones.

There are three major programs that you should initially pay attention to. The first one is Australia Awards for international students. So, what is a study abroad award? This program is meant to promote knowledge and strengthen the connection between Australia and its neighbors. The second is Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) launched in 2017 to replace the international postgraduate scholarship. You should apply for each participating university separately. The last one is Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship. As you already understand from its name, it is meant for female student students exclusively. So, if you happen to be a lady, this is actually a great option for you. The country is very supportive of female scholars. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

These three programs that you’ve listed are really the common start of your scholarship search. Any student who comes here should pay attention to these offers. They have a great reputation and provide you enough money to study in Australia for free. However, if you are from the U.S.A., I have a better list for you. Take a pick at this page - You may have thought that those three offers are the only chances to get financial aid. Not at all. Here, you will see how many other programs are there. An all of them are for the U.S. students. I’m sure this list is only a part of the pile of options available “on the market.” The scholarships provided by the Association of Commonwealth Universities are the most popular on that list.  After all, when we are speaking about neighbors, what can be closer than Commonwealth? These are the most popular study abroad scholarships. 

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