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Are there still tickets left for TRNSMT 2018?

I know that it’s late to decide to visit TRNSMT 2018 but I still hope there are tickets left. Ideally, I would like to visit TRNSMT Saturday performances as there are quite a few bands that I like. Is there a way to get there without buying tickets in advance? Their year’s TRNSMT festival line up is awesome and the performances should be great as well. Maybe, TRNSMT Sunday is still available?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on June 27, 2018

Yeah, this is really a last minute call. But you are lucky! There are still some TRNSMT 2018 tickets available. Though, you may have to pay more or cannot choose any day you want.

Let’s look at what is left. Friday is still available. There are two types of tickets you can buy: the regular one for 59.50 and a VIP one for 99. It gives you access to the full day of the TRNSMT festival. The main attractions this day are Stereophonics and Jessi J. So, you have free time on Friday, welcome to the fest. Besides, the tickets are on sale—the offer is pretty good.

Saturday on TRNSMT is a pretty busy day that has many people excited.  If you were talking about this weekend’s Saturday, you are lucky again—there are tickets. However, you will have to spend quite a sum because only VIP passes are on sale. The headliner of the day is Liam Gallagher. Do you hope to see this star? If yes, prepare 99 to pay for the whole day. Besides, you will see other awesome artists. So, this price may be worth it.

As for Sunday on TRNSMT, it has both kinds of tickets available which is surprising for me considering the performance of Arctic Monkeys this day. Maybe, the deal is in the working day that follows. And still, I cannot grasp the unpopularity of this day compared with Saturday. What is the magic of it?

So, we still have two days to look forward to. Two epic days those will be!

First of all, let’s look at the next Friday. There are three types of tickets for that day and all of them are available. In addition to the regular types, we get a Golden Circle that costs 80. To my mind, the lineup of TRNSMT festival for this day is worth even more considering all those performers.

If you want to see The Killers on Sunday 8th, you can only get a regular pass for the day as all VIPs are already sold out.

So, here is all information on 2018 TRNSMT tickets I have. Here is the place to buy them - 

Craig Stewarta year ago

Basically, there are still tickets left for any day of your choosing? For how long will they be available though? I hope everybody gets a chance to see their favourite bands.

However, while you’ve given the detailed information on all days, you’ve forgotten to mention that there are tickets for several days of TRNSMT 2018 festival available. They vary from 115 for the standard pass to 190 for VIP benefits. All of them cover two days of one of the two weekends of the festival. So, you need to choose those top bands that you are eager to hear the most and see what days have the most of them.

If you decide to enjoy the TRNSMT performances to the fullest, you can buy a 3- or 5-day tickets, the later been an ideal option for those who have a place to stay for more than a week and for the locals. 

Tad Fraziera year ago

Why waste your time on only one day of TRNSMT 2018 when you can have all five of them including both Saturday and Sunday TRNSMT performances? You don’t need to choose between all those notable musicians. Besides, the whole sum is a bit cheaper when you buy the 5-day pass instead of paying for each day separately. I say enjoy the festival to the fullest while you can.

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