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Are there online courses for credit for college students?

I was a college student last year but I had some problems that prevented me from attending classes in person. I wonder if it’s possible to take online courses for credit. If there are such courses, I’d like to register, for example, for a UCLA online course because that was the university I had wanted to attend at first. I’m interested in taking online Spanish courses for college credit too. So far I don’t have any plans for my summer break, so I’d like to take online summer college courses for credit.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 15, 2018

The Internet has led modern education to offer a wider range of options of study for every type of students to take anytime and anywhere in the world. Education is not limited anymore to a classroom in college or at university, but all you need to have access to any level of education is a computer, or other devices, and a reliable Internet connection.

Yes, we can find many courses online for credit. Many renowned colleges and universities have understood that being present on the Internet is a must nowadays and have started offering their own online courses. Some of them are basic and work perfectly for high school students as an introduction to intricate college subjects, while others are real college and university subjects.

Maybe when you were in college, you heard about edX courses. They are very popular among higher education students because they teach college subjects and it is possible to earn credits by taking those courses.

Not all of those courses offer the possibility of earning credits. You can check if the online courses on that interest you most are credit-eligible or not when you take a look at the complete list of courses on that site.

It is also possible to take an online course from UCLA. This university has developed a platform that allows you to study comfortably on your own schedule. You will receive weekly course materials which may include discussion boards, reading and video, webinars and other course activities (

On the UCLA site, you can take a Spanish course online for college credit since this university offers three courses of Elementary Spanish: Span XL 1, Span XL 2 and Span XL 3. They are all available online and they will all be given in the summer. You will be able to connect with your instructor to submit your assignments and ask any question.

On you can find many self-paced courses that you can take whenever you want. They can be a good option for you since you can take online college courses for credit in the summer. There are other courses that have a fixed date to start, such as the Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy or the course in English Composition: Research and Writing, which are credit-eligible courses that will last both 8 weeks and that will start on June and August, respectively. 

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

I love those online courses that give us the chance to get academic credits while studying in the comfort of our home. I was surprised the first time I visited the site for the UCLA online courses because I didn’t expect they offered so many different courses in almost every area of knowledge. I expected to see just a few of them but the list included courses in architecture, arts, business, computer science and engineering, education, health sciences, social sciences, languages, sciences and math, journalism and literature and almost anything else. I like that variety of courses and they’re nice for the summer if you haven’t made plans for the holidays. These are friendly courses even for people who aren’t used to study online because if you take a UCLA online course, UCLA offers for this learning modality 24/7 technical support in case you need help using this system. 

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