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Are there nice happy Halloween images on the Internet?

I want to have happy Halloween images on my phone and tablet during this month. I have already seen some, but I am looking for a Halloween background that is not gloomy or dark. I am looking for a nice Halloween wallpaper that can be very simple but funny.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on October 22, 2018

Since this celebration is characterized by a gloomy atmosphere, dark settings, chilling creatures and creepy costumes, most items that are related to it might not be described as happy. However, it is indeed possible to find and download happy images to send your greetings on this special occasion or to use them as the background of your devices.

Although happy or funny images are not the most common for this date, you can find many of them on the Internet to wish your friends a “Happy Halloween” or to keep it on your devices for yourself. You can find color or black-and-white images, images with a greeting or a longer text, high-resolution or low-resolution images, pictures or digital images. Even if you are not thinking about printing those images, their resolution may be important.

If the images that you choose are too small, when you try to use them as wallpaper they may become distorted. In order to prevent this from happening, you can use the image that you selected but repeated many times. This would be the free option. If you want to use an image that will look nice at any size that you use it, you will need to download a high-quality image from one of the several websites that offer image and video stocks on the Internet. This would be a paid option. However, some of those sites offer paid as well as free images, provided that you register.

If you know how to edit images, your range of selection will be larger, because you can find any image that you like and modify it to suit your needs to get your desired background of Halloween patterns. Otherwise, websites like this one could be useful for you: 

Most backgrounds, even the simple ones, are dark for this celebration. And they usually have bright characters or a text with bright letters. However, you can find funny images with characters that are not unpleasant or scary on websites such as this one: There is a large selection of Halloween wallpapers for you to choose from.


Karen Wright2 years ago

I like to change the wallpaper of my phone as well as the one of my desktop at the office regularly. And I change them especially before each celebration during the year. Of course, I have already started to search for a nice background of Halloween. I will use it for the whole month of October. And then, I will search for a Thanksgiving image. I think that watching those backgrounds every day can make you feel more excited about each celebration. Or at least, that is the effect that it has on me. A well-chosen image can encourage you to do your work and it will be easier if the image is nice or funny. That is the type of image that I choose as a background for my devices. But it is fine if you prefer to use a frightening image to keep everybody away from your devices. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

I have sent some e-cards in previous years to wish a Happy Halloween celebration to all of my friends because I believe that every occasion is good to send greetings. I know that some people see Halloween as a creepy night, but it can also be an evening to spend at a party to celebrate with your friends and have fun. I like to see a Halloween background in my computer every time that I use it because it makes me think of all the parties that I will attend. 

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