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Are there many grants for graduate students to apply for?

I know that many undergraduate students get various grants and scholarships, but what about the grants for graduate students? The tuition can get quite pricey. In addition to those four years of constant spending, I’ll have to pay even more for my master’s degree. Graduate grants could be of help right now. I’m afraid that I’ll have to toss away my dreams about getting the next degree if I don’t find decent graduate funding. Are these grants for graduate students the same as for the undergraduate ones? Obviously, I can’t qualify for all of them, but there should be something for an average student. Where do I find the right postgrad student finance?

Kristi Hammond

in Student Loans

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 12, 2018

I completely understand you. After paying for my tuition for four years, my parents have had enough. They were completely satisfied with my bachelor’s degree. Being an eager student those days, I was determined to continue my education. So, I had to either resort to the part-time studying and looking for a job, applying for a loan, or looking for a scholarship. I’ve chosen the wrong option, I see it now. I went for a job and continued to study part-time. Today, I understand that there are many options of funding for graduate students and I could have become one of them. The graduate courses are always expensive, so, there are some options for people with difficult financial situations.

Of course, there are grants for average students. Unlike scholarships that are mostly directed at the top-performance in some field, grants are need-based meaning that they take into account your financial circumstances. They are issued by third parties such as national and international foundations and charities, organizations, both governmental and not, and private figures. The funding is available from many sources.

Due to their third-party nature, you better look for them outside your university, maybe even abroad. I’m not saying that your alma mater cannot point in the right direction for you; universities often cooperate with the grants providers.

There is also help for the graduate minorities, first-generation college students, military and their families, and gender-specific grants that encourage women enrollment. The postgraduate student finance is a complex issue that has to be thoroughly studied.

There is a great website that can help you find the right offer for you. There are many educational videos and materials that explain the whole thing. You can easily find a graduate grant you’ll qualify for. The source is really amazing gathering so many options in one place.

Also, look at this list: This is an informative list of opportunities for doctorate and graduate students all around the world. As I’ve said before, there is no reason to omit the abroad offers.

In this article I would like to highlight the graduate student grant by Google. There are many reasons to love this company, great workplaces is one of them. Their graduate scholarship program is aimed at underrepresented groups and women pursuing the technological career. There are several grants provided by the program. Unfortunately, being provided by Google, the competition for the grants is really high. However, I’m sure you can do it.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

Great work on finding those websites! Combined, they give quite a large list of graduate grants to choose from. However, these websites are quite popular; thus, many students are going to apply for each offer. I advise you to look for some minor grant providers that are less notable but give decent grants. This may be a harder way, but the surer one. Then again, it all depends on your financial situation, student achievements, and the requirements set by those grants.

In addition, I would not disregard looking for a job. Most master courses leave enough time to get a part-time job to pay for your studies. Find a place with a decent salary that would give you a flexible schedule. You can also search the freelance opportunities—I think this is the best way to go about your master’s degree. You gain working experience while continuing your studies. That’s a great chance.

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