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Are there credible online phd programs that one can pursue?

Online degrees have become very popular in recent times. Currently, I am working in a company, and I don’t feel like I should leave my job to go for a Ph.D. program. I have heard that there are various online phd programs that one can pursue. However, I am not sure whether this is the right way to pursue my program. It seems I have little knowledge about pursuing phd online. I would like to hear from someone with an experience of this program. Specifically, I would like to know some of the challenges I may face if I enroll in an online doctorate program. Thank you in advance.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 13, 2018

Your decision to enroll or not in an online phd program mainly depends on the kind of subject you are studying. For instance, if your area is teaching, then pursuing such a program is not advisable. This is mainly because one of the requirements is to attend a reputable learning institution. Since online studying does not allow you to attend classes physically, it is, therefore, not an option for those in the teaching or other practical areas. You, therefore, need to be very careful in choosing which program to pursue online not to waste your time and resources.

The number of Ph.D. students in many areas is far much more than the Ph.D. available opportunities. This means for those who choose to pursue the program online; they may face some prejudice as most employers may prefer those who physically attended their classes. This may mean that despite spending your time and resources pursuing the degree online, your chances of securing a job remain relatively low. Generally, most employers don’t recognize an online degree as a genuine one impairing its authority.

Pursuing an online-doctorate program requires a lot of time. You need to keep a balance between your time in class and in the field collecting data. For those who pursue this program at school, no significant challenges are faced as there is a timetable that one must adhere to. However, when it comes to online scholars, balancing the study time and other responsibilities such as work and family it becomes a challenge. As a result, you may be forced to spend more time before graduating as you have little time for studies. It would, therefore, be better to attend classes.

When it comes to doing phd-online, it may lead to the development of a sense of isolation. For those who pursue such programs in school, they get a chance to interact with other scholars and professors. Through these interactions, they get new ideas on how to approach their program. It becomes much easier to ask for assistance from fellow scholars and professors. For those who choose to do these programs at home, there are no such benefits. You don’t get a chance to meet with fellow scholars and learn from each other. It may take time before you get used to learning in a room where a computer is your only companion. It is quite challenging studying where there isn’t anyone else in the room. This kind of isolation may impair your studies and performance in general.

Olive Wilsona year ago

It is so unfortunate that some people are trying to paint a bad image about online phd programs. It is important to note that times have changed and technology has to be embraced. Many Ph.D. programs can be pursued online. I pursued my MBA online and earned a promotion and a pay rise at my workplace. I can say that online studying allowed me to pursue my education while still working. My working program was not affected at all as I chose the right time to study. In my case, I used to study mostly very early in the morning and on weekends when I was not at work. Another thing I found with online studying was that it was very cheap compared to attending a college. Costs such as transport and accommodation were eliminated. Another benefit was that I was able to do my family duties while still pursuing my degree online. I would, therefore, advise you to enroll in Ph.D. program online without any fear as there are just very many benefits.

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