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Are there cheaper alternatives to noble continuing education?

I am an insurance broker, and so continuing education is mandatory for me. A colleague recommended noble continuing education, and I checked it out a few days ago. Though the platform looks great, I think it is a bit pricey. I have tried to search for other providers, and I have found American continuing education which doesn’t even offer anything in the field of finance. I want a CE provider that is affordable, with few continuing education requirements but doesn’t compromise on quality. Useful suggestions from anyone who understands continuing education are appreciated. Thank you!

Jan Berry

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on July 9, 2018

There are numerous online sources for insurance continuing education aside from noble insurance continuing education. However, I think Noble is the most premium CE provider I have come across online. Though it may be a bit pricey, they have excellent courses and discounts from time to time. I will, however, recommend other providers that just have good services.

My first recommendation would be Kaplan Financial. It is a section of Kaplan which has numerous services across the education industry. They offer a wide array of CE options for professionals in the financial sector including insurance. These courses will help you with license renewal. They have tons of courses to select from; you can also enjoy live classes. Since different states have different CE requirements, you will need to choose the state you live/ practice in to view insurance courses. Kaplan courses are approved by CFP, IMCA CE, American College, and PACE CE.

WebCE is one of leading online CE providers in the financial industry. They have a wide range of insurance courses for continuing education. Some of these include annuities training and healthcare. They have CE courses for both financial planners and insurance professionals.

ExamFX is another excellent resource for CE courses. All their courses are specially designed to fulfill license renewal prerequisites. Their classes will help you expand your knowledge in the industry, keep up with the current trends, and enhance professional growth and development.

All these suggestions have the following features in common:

  • Low prices: they charge some of the lowest course prices in America continuing education which is what you are specifically looking for.
  • Easy accessibility: you can do these courses from the comfort of your mobile phone which of course is very convenient. However, you will need a reliable internet connection.
  • You can do it at your own pace: you can plan your classes depending on how tight your schedule is. Additionally, you can select exam dates that are convenient for you.  
  • Course package includes a topics outline: you will get an outline of the topics you will cover in the course. Hence, it is much easier to plan your next class and follow what you are studying during the class.
  • Practice tests: you can get lots of practice tests for your exams. Therefore, you can prepare for exams efficiently and get a good score.
  • Online certificates: once you are through with the course, you can download your certificate. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I used Noble continuing education for my insurance CE, and I think it was worth it. As mentioned above, you can get a good discount on their courses. Different states charge differently though, and I don’t know which state you come from. If you want, you can purchase the basic package which is much cheaper (relatively the same price as that charged by other CE providers).

Though I don’t know how much you have budgeted for your CE, I would highly recommend Noble if you are seeking total convenience from the classes to the tests and results. Education is an investment you are making and even if you spend an amount that you may feel is too much, the high chances are that it will pay you back for the rest of your life. You can check out the suggestions mentioned- I only know of Kaplan- and see what they offer. 

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