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Are there any special events on Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

I know that this year, Military Spouse Appreciation Day is on Friday, 11th. Though this is a working day for me, I have plenty of free time and would like to visit some event or celebration. I know that there are no huge parades this day, but, maybe, there are some small gatherings and festivities. Do you know any of them? Military Spouse Appreciation deserves its own fest because of the hard work these people do. Though it seems not much, they are what gives our military men strength. This year, National Military Appreciation Day is so close to the Mother’s Day weekend that Friday evening is bound to bring something interesting.

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on May 11, 2018

Actually, Military Spouses Appreciation Day become a part of the Mother’s Day weekend every year. It doesn’t have set date and is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day. So, it becomes one huge fest that is especially dear for the mothers of the military. Though the official name honors spouses, we all know that the whole family should be praised. Their support is what helps our men to defend the country.

I’m a part of Military Wives Appreciation Day. However, for me, this holiday is both joyous and sad. I’m grateful for the support and encouragement I get this day and it is even better if my husband is home. However, there is always a sad undertone to it. I know that the man that is the most precious to me is somewhere far away possibly in a danger. If not, then he will be soon. All those Military Spouse Appreciation Day gifts don’t cheer me up. I would be most happy knowing that my man is safe at home with me. However, this is not so simple. So, I advise all of you who needs support this day to just let go. Get rid of the worries and enjoy your day. Even if I’m busy at work, I always relax in the evening and go to see a movie, my favorite band or something else.

There are actually a few Military Spouse Day events. I rarely visit them, but you can try.

There are always military spouse employment fairs that you can visit. I don’t know what city you are from, but they are held in most major ones.

There are special luncheons organized by communities in Facebook and other social networks.

I’ve never visited any events dedicated to this holiday. I prefer staying with family or doing what I like. Besides, the Mother’s Day weekend is near and there will be so many cool events that I want to save it all for Saturday and Monday. I recommend you celebrate this Military Spouses Appreciation holiday the way you feel most comfortable with. After all, this is all about you and what makes you feel better and cheers you up.

There are a few National Military Appreciation Days in our country, but this Friday is your holiday. 

Eric Bates2 years ago

I actually do not know as many events as this holiday deserves. Yes, I’ve attended an employment fair once and it was decent. However, I’ve never been to those luncheons either. Are there even special invitations on the Internet for them?

Anyway, I’d like to share with you a warm video from our servicemen who would like to thank their spouses and all others in the country for their support - It is really bittersweet and you can see their true feelings and how much they miss the families. Their words are exactly what we all would like to hear. They know how we worry, support them, and stay strong to greet them back at home and give a warm hug. “We could not be a strong army without them.” This is all I need to hear to be happy on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  

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