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Are there any programs to study abroad in Korea?

Korea is one of those exotic countries with a fascinating culture that always makes the idea of going abroad appealing. I know that many American students go to European universities, but is there a good program to study abroad in Korea? Some European universities are well-known in the whole world. Unfortunately, I can’t remember any Korean establishment that is so popular.

The study abroad experience will be remembered for the rest of your life, so, I’d like to make sure that the choice I make is right. Please, advise me a good study abroad Master’s program or some summer/winter courses.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on February 20, 2018

I know that the organization CIEE offers some summer courses in Korea. For seven weeks, you reside in Seoul and learn the culture, language, and other aspects of the country. The curriculum of Yonsei University is divided into three parts including the total credit, contact hours (Korean language), and other courses. All students can choose to enroll in two or three courses of their choice. The program requires for the applicants to be enrolled in a two- or four-year undergraduate program. Attendance is critical and affects the grades. But who would want to miss those incredibly interesting classes with native speakers and other international students?

Studying abroad in Korea is an opportunity that happens only once in a lifetime. Of course, the courses are intense and you’ll have to study a lot after the classes, but it’s the predictable complication of packing a program of the whole semester into 7 weeks. In addition, if you miss more than 30% of the classes, you fail without any questions. Yes, the studies in Korea for abroad students are strict and tough.

If you want to further explore the vibrant country, choose a Master’s program for studying abroad. The country has about 250 universities, and most of them are ready to accept a foreign student. The annual cost of tuition varies from university to university. On average, you’ll have to pay $6000. Most Master’s courses take two or more years to complete. However, the time won’t be spent in vain—Korean diplomas are recognized worldwide for their quality. Korean students have a good advantage in the eyes of most companies around the world.

There are some Master’s programs in Korea in English, so you can choose one to be easier to learn the material. Korean is still in the curriculum, but other subjects require only English. On one hand, this is great because it’ll be easier for you to learn the material. On the other hand, full immersion helps to learn the language greatly. After all, it’s up to you to choose. The abroad study experience should be used to the fullest.

The cost of living in South Korea is about the same as in the U.S. So, you can decide whether to ask for accommodation provided by universities or go looking to rent an apartment. It’s always better to find a companion to divide the cost of the rent.

As an international student, you’ll have to get a D-2 Visa which is easy to get after you’ve been enrolled into a university.

Kurt Pricea year ago

If you want to get a scholarship for your tuition, it is better to know at least some Korean as there are many universities and organizations that require the skills. There are also those scholarships for abroad students that provide language training during the period of your studies. Some English-based programs offer funding as well. I’ve found a very useful article for you about the advantages and tips of studying in South Korea: I hope you will find useful some information here.

Studying abroad in Korea is a good choice. Among all other destinations, Korea offers one of the best combinations of quality of education and uniqueness of the culture. The country is full of beautiful places with meaningful history. Seoul is a very modern city that goes ahead of time often. People are diverse. You’ll find there those elders who stick to traditions and the youth who reaches to the future and quickly adopts modern trends.

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