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Are there any great sites where I can get textbook answers for most of the high school books we use?

I am a student and I’m struggling to cope with some of the homework that my teachers give me. I fail most of my assignments and even though I’m great in class and other practical situations, my homework usually lets me down. Is there a great site I can get science textbook answers, Spanish homework answers, and geometry homework answers?

Whitney Matthews

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3 answers

3 answers

Jeremy Wood on January 28, 2019

These sites are definitely great but I wouldn’t recommend them to you. It will help you get through high school but it won’t better your knowledge. It would be great for students to use them sometimes to ensure they stay ahead in class.

Customwritings-us Essays on July 25, 2018

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Kaitlin Dean on January 17, 2018

We’re in the same boat here. I have also recently started using homework help for my Geography, Physics and Math and I feel like there is significant improvement in my GPA since I started. Since you’ve mentioned answers for textbooks, I assume you’re looking for the answers to questions in textbooks. This sounds reasonable since most of the homework that professors give both in high school and college.

Slader is a great site where you can find a variety of textbooks and step-by-step solutions to questions therein. You can find answers for science homework, and techniques on how to work questions. You can also get answers for Spanish homework with answers to great books like Expresatel: Spanish 2. For Math, there are numerous books that you can get in calculus, algebra and yes, answers for your geometry homework. I’m using several difficult books in Geography and History and although they are quite tasking, I get the answers I need from them plus all the important workings. I also get access to workings from Pearson Chemistry.

Chegg is another place where in addition to answers, you can also get online tutoring and study help. You can access various solutions manuals and you also have access to a GPA calculator and tips and tricks. 

Since I haven’t gotten into college yet, I don’t know much about sites that offer study resources for college students but these two usually advertise the same services. With Chegg you can also get key concepts and topic definitions. With a good site, you can access various tutorials that will help you understand key concepts that you may not be able to if you just stick strictly to homework answers. I wasn’t able to afford my own personal tutor so these sites came in handy when I was looking for help beyond just answers. Especially, for math and other complex subjects such as Geography, an online tutor becomes real handy when you are stuck. My experience is that textbook answers without any methodology can be quite depressing seeing as you have a solution that you don’t know what route was taken to arrive at the answer.

So, when you are looking for a homework solutions site, look for one that can give you textbook answers and at the same time offer you other tutorial solutions. That way, you learn from the experience and still get your answers correct.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Slader.Com is a great site that I always use for my geometry homework answers although there are other sites that I look to for tutorials. It might not be possible to get everything you need on one site but if you look around closely enough you’ll get tons of other sites that offer you the same thing. I didn’t have the luxury of a personal tutor so any opportunity I got to make use of an online tutor I took. I’ve gotten some great strategies especially on technical subjects like Math, Chemistry and Physics. I would advise that if you are looking to get online homework help, make sure to always confirm their accuracy with your own class notes and what the teacher says in class. Some aren’t always accurate or may have different workings from what your teacher offers. Get yourself a trusted site which offers a variety.

Emily Alexandera year ago

I would like to agree that these sites are good for getting something extra in your learning program. I am familiar with Chegg, which has a lot to offer students who wish to improve their performance. The textbook solutions portal on the site is quite useful in providing textbook answers. You are only required to enter the title of the book and the ISBN number, and you will get a chapter by chapter breakdown of the information in it. This will really help you with science homework answers and in the other areas as well. It is a good site.

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