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Are there any grants for immigrants in the U.S. colleges?

Educating immigrant studies is a complex issue that is of interest to thousands of people. Being personally interested in the question, I’d like to get to know your opinions and knowledge in the matter. Is there such thing as grants for immigrants at all? Can we hope to be able to study in a good U.S. college or university? As we all know, higher education is an expensive necessity that brings difficulties even to the regular middle-class Americans. Is there any hope left for undocumented immigrant students? Is there any chance to get a grant or a scholarship?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Daniel King on May 14, 2018

The answer to this question largely depends on the citizenship status you have. Legal immigrants have better chances to get financial help for your education. For example, if you are a citizen of the U.S. or have a lawful residency of any kind, you can apply for federal immigrant grants. You can also hope to get general grants meant for all students attending a U.S. educational establishment. You have to check the requirements of any grant you apply for. Also, be ready to provide any backup documentation the government will ask you.

Students with undocumented immigrant parents are a different case. If you were born in the U.S., you are still eligible for a grant. Though, you may be asked to provide more papers in this case.

In some case, immigrants can qualify for Pell Grants. This is the type of financial aid that is based on need and can cover a large portion of your fees. Sometimes, the sum may cover more than 50 percent of your expenses.

If you attend a state university or a community college, pay attention to the state funding. Remember that each state has different rules concerning immigrants financial aid. Be sure to learn all details about your laws and feel free to ask your school administration for help. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, schools have to help all their students without any discrimination. Studies on immigrant education show that in some states, immigrants numbers at public schools take up to about 80 percent.

What is more, some places offer education financial aid for illegal immigrants as well. Those you better have a legal status to continue living and studying in the country, undocumented people also have a chance to get help. I’d like to share a good website with you where you can see the main information on what to expect and where to go if you are an immigrant - It also mentions private scholarships in addition to the federal ones. I believe that this is a real chance for help for illegal immigrants here. You see, private organizations and educational establishments can set their own rules. Fortunately, some of them are ready to finance you no matter your legal status. However, be sure to meet all other requirements that can be quite strict. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Don’t lose your hope! Everything is possible if you have a goal. The main thing for you is to keep going and don’t give up. I’m sure there are many opportunities for immigrants to attend college.

I believe the abovementioned information is quite enough to help you get answers to the basic questions you have considering immigrant’s college application. In fact, you may even be a little picky and decide what college you want to attend and what help to ask for.

I’d like to add one useful website to the list. GrantWatch is a storage of the best grants for immigrants (and even more) that you can find in Canada, the U.S.A., and even internationally. This page will show you exactly what you need—what financial aids are available for immigrants.

Moreover, the immigrant movements are very popular and active right now. This is the best time to think about going to college and expect some additional aid. 

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