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Are there any good UW study abroad courses?

The University of Washington is a prestigious place that many people want to study. Considering its positive reputation and popularity, I hope there are good UW study abroad programs. Unfortunately, all my friends like to stay home and do not want to go to another country to study. So, I’m left without any opinions about the situation. Q&A websites are always good with personal advice. I’m waiting for your tips on the matter.

Is it better to choose summer or winter study abroad programs? What are their differences beside time of a year?

There is one more question. What about study abroad scholarships for minorities?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Justin Parker on May 7, 2018

When it comes to UW abroad studies, the first thing I think about is its Honor Programs. These are the special offers of the university meant to boost international engagement. Participation in this aspect of student life opens you many possibilities. There are great exchange programs with the leading universities of the world. You may better chances for success because you basically take a place of a student and not apply for a new one. However, this way of going abroad also limits your choices of countries and establishments. For example, your desired destination has no exchanges to offer and doesn’t deal with it at all.

In these case, you always have UWN abroad programs to enroll separately. You may choose the regular classes or go for independent research. Later, you can easily become a part of internationally-oriented organizations.

There are many summer programs. They are divided into A-term and B-term offers. There are also exploration seminars that are usually held early in fall. There are also winter abroad studies, but there are not many of them.

UW graduate students can join the Bonderman Travel Fellowship. Its members are offered independent international travel for at least eight months outside of credit and studies. This is a great chance for people finishing their degrees and preparing for the world of constant jobs. This is the last chance to explore the world without worries.

Here is a page where you can find a perfect program for you - Here, you can set all requirements that you are interested in from a country to the type of experience you pursue. These filters are great helpers. It is much easier to find good offers that reading the general list of dozens of programs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard about any minorities study abroad scholarships. However, I know one program that is universal and will suit you. The Gilman Scholarship Program is meant for undergraduate students who want to study abroad. Of course, there are several requirements that you have to meet, but all programs and financial aids have them.

In general, I think that no matter what establishment or destination you choose, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You cannot miss something so exciting and beneficial. Just think about all those things you will experience abroad and the impact they will have on your future work and studies. 

Kurt Pricea year ago

I’d like to add a few words about engineering. I believe that this faculty is the most successful in establishing international connections. If it happens so that you are a part of it, you have a great chance to become a worldwide expert.

The College gladly develops international partnerships for its students to have better prospects. For them, WU abroad studies are not only about getting new knowledge. It is also about sharing the experience with foreign college, bringing new methods and thoughts to their own university, receiving experience fundamental for their future careers.

The faculty gladly supports its students in their studies and has many resources to do so. If you are looking for financial aid, insurance, or a simple advice, the stuff is ready to help you. They will help you to prepare for your journey and guide you while you are in another country. Be sure to report to them once you come back. 

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