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Are there any educational websites for international students?

I’m looking for educational websites that focus on abroad studies and international students. There are many educational sites on the Internet and most of them offer courses of all kinds. You can easily find free lessons or expensive ones. However, finding an educational portal that would give useful tips for students of any kind is not simple. As a soon-to-be student, I have to learn many things and it would be great to do it all in one place that provides professional advice and can help you deal with any educational issues.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 19, 2018

Yes, you are right – there are many things a new student has to learn. I wouldn’t say that those courses websites are completely useless though – they often have a special section of articles (or a blog) that answers many crucial questions. You have probably just missed them or visited the wrong ones.

To help you find all necessary information on your future studies, I’ve found you a list of educational portals that can help you. This is a part of a great website itself. offers many useful rankings, news, and tips on how to approach your college time. You can browse it and decide whether you like the information or not. There may not be a specific section on studies abroad, but the general tips are to know nevertheless.

So, back to the list of educational websites for students. They are all divided into several categories to help you understand their purposes. First of all, pay attention to the educational websites for students. The first category on the list is general and I recommend you looking at it when you have free time and want to relax from serious topics and read about the life in the modern world, lifehacks, or hot news.

So, the second category is what you need. It has one of the most important sources ever – an educational website that is used by millions of people all over the world. Well, an actual portal, Reddit, is used for many other purposes as well, but its educational sub is full of necessary information. There are so many topics on this ed portal that you’ll spend days browsing the most interesting ones. It not only has interesting courses, but also many questions from fresh students just like you. The best part of this source is that you can communicate with people and hear their personal opinions and advice on the matter. No other website can give as many diverse opinions as this one. Besides, you may create your own topics and build great discussions that, hopefully, will help many other people as well.

There are many other tips and useful tools on this educational site that can help to make student’s life better. However, I would say that the best educational website for college students is TopUniversities that hosts the list. All higher education information you need is right here to read and enjoy.

Charles McAleara year ago

While some of those titles on the list are really useful, none of them fully uncovers the intricacies of studying abroad. Yes, the tips and tools are useful, but they are universal.

To my mind, you need to visit This educational website is focused on international studies specifically.  It has many members worldwide that work on providing the best experience a student can get. NAFSA is all about globalization and internalization. It develops international practices and gives you an opportunity to try everything abroad studies have to offer.

The website dwells on the financial aid a student can get, in the marketplace, and how students see studying abroad. Browsing this website, you can clearly see the real image of abroad studies and get rid of any stereotypes that may prevent you from fulfilling your dream. NAFSA is all about helping students find their place and get answers to their questions.

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