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Are their special education opportunities for convicted felons?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Daniel King on June 11, 2019

Depends on what you want to say. If you are asking, "do convicts (inmates) have access to education, and if they need special education assistance is available?" then, yes, up to a certain point. In most states, inmates who do not have a high school diploma, must attend GED classes. If there is a significant deficit in intellectual or cognitive, which is to be assigned to the Mental Health of the members of the staff case load. If you are wondering if the prisoners are of real help, then the answer is no. The only effort that is dedicated to educating inmates is the effort they themselves put forth, and the few people that personally put forth the effort. Little or no institutional effort is spent.. If you are asking if former inmates have access to educational opportunities, then maybe. Sorry, that's the best answer I can give to you. This depends on a number of other issues: charge, state, duration of incarceration, current status, age, etc.. If I can help with specific answers, please let me know.

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