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Are the Sallie Mae student loans worth to apply?

I will soon be joining college, and I am on the search for a good private student loan lender that could offer me financial assistance to cover up my tuition fees and other college expenses. A friend recently suggested that I apply to Sallie Mae student loans however I don’t have sufficient information about it. I would like to ask for any information about this lender and the student loan application process to see if the private lender will be suitable for me.  Any information about how to pay back student loans would be appreciated.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on April 5, 2018

For three years, I have been in college and I have used several private loans for students so one of my highest ranked loans is SallieMae loans for students. It has a good reputation and it is highly convenient for both undergraduate and graduate students. I would recommend you to use it to get private loans for students. This is because:

  •    They have a variety of loans including both fixed rate loans and variable rate loan at the rate of 5.74% to 11.85% and 2.25% to 9.37% respectively
  •    They have several competitive interest rates where you can choose a plan that suits you the best
  •    They offer a loan limit to one’s full financial need that could include the total cost of college education expenses
  •    They have a convenient repayment plan that is flexible for students
  •    They offer a grace period of six months after graduation for students with loans
  •    They also consolidate loans for students with more than one federal loan

When it comes to how to repay student loans, they offer a variety of repayment options to their client:

  •    Defer Repayment Option

In this case, as a client, you can be exempted from paying the loan while in school.  In case you want to pay you are allowed to repay back the amount you like

  •    Fixed Repayment Option

The client is obliged to pay only $ 25 in school to cut down the total interest accumulated from the loan

  •    Interest Repayment Option

Pay the interest accrued on loan from the time you are in school throughout the grace period.

However, it is important to select a good private lender before applying for student loans. This includes shopping around comparing different student loan lenders to find one that suits your references and also has reasonable interest rates.  You should also consider finding a cosigner to act your beneficiary when applying for the loan. It is also important to know you should only borrow a manageable amount of money that would be convenient to repay for you. Before signing any loan agreement first read the terms and conditions to compare the terms of one private lender to another. Maintaining a good credit history increases your chances of getting loan approval. In cases where you could seek counsel from a professional, do so to get advice on how loan agreements work.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

As a committed borrower of Sallie Mae student loans, I can also affirm that applying for this loan worth every bit. Their application process is basic and also has these requirements.

  •    First, you should provide the address of your residence for the past one year.  In case you have not resided there for a year provide your previous address.
  •    Your social security number is also necessary.
  •    Your employment information if you are employed. This includes the name of the company you are employed in and your total income.
  •    The total amount of the loan you would like to apply and any other financial assistance you would like.
  •    Your school information includes the course of study and the degree you are undertaking.
  •    Two additional contacts apart from your cosigner.
  •    Our financial information including bank accounts or rent payments.
  •    Personal information about your cosigner.

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