Are the Columbia University online courses worth it?

I am looking for free online finance courses and an accredited university I can register with for the program. There are many schools with appealing reviews, and I am torn between some of them. My sister completed Columbia University online courses and she suggested that it was the best option. I do not know enough about the program, and I would appreciate the opinion of an outside party to help me determine whether this university lives up to its reviews. I would like to know what makes this program stand out compared to other internet education programs.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Justin Parker on July 25, 2018

I have so far completed two online courses at Columbia University and the reason I came back for the second course was the exceptional program offered at this university. Columbia University has advanced its online learning program which is impressive. The online programs offered by Columbia University are structured to enhance the educational opportunities and develop the professional paths of these students. Below are some reasons why you should highly consider enrolling in online finance courses for free at Columbia University:

  • Approved curriculum
    The department of education approves the online program at Columbia University. The curriculum system used by this institution is up-to-date and designed by the education policies. The curriculum has been evaluated and approved to be credible. This means that the courses offered by the university are credible and you are assured of attaining top quality education.
  • Hybrid education internet programs
    Columbia University does not offer limited courses to its students but they can choose from a wide range of courses. In your case, since you are interested in finance courses, you will be able to access the program from the list of other business-related courses. From the school website, you can browse the diverse online programs it provides. As a student, you have an opportunity to enroll in any course of your choice.
  • Rigorous
    As a learner who is undertaking a Columbia course program, you will undergo a rigorous education. The education system at Columbia was made to cater to all the individual needs of every learner. The education system is made to ensure that the students have the best education program that offers top education. The objective of this program is to ensure that at the end of the course each learner has improved his or her knowledge and skills of the course.
  • Career resources and professional development
    At the Columbia course program, you have a chance to network with professionals in your career. This exposure allows you to link with different professionals from all over the world. You are able to interact with previous students for the program and this could be an asset to your career development. Networking with different people could be helpful once you have completed the program and you are looking for employment. Even as a leaner you will be able to exchange ideas and also learn from other professionals.  

Jessie Thompson6 months ago

I have never taken a free online course at Columbia. However, I am planning to do it by the end of this year. I have done my research, and I have uncovered that the free online finance courses are worth my time. The courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the course you take. The program also does not require any lengthy application to start taking. The most impressive thing about these courses is that you are given a certificate and education units after completion. At the end of your program, you will receive a certificate that verifies your competence of the course. The certificate you are awarded is a highlight of your knowledge and skills. It is a valid and official certificate that you can include in your resume and also present it to potential employers when you apply for vacancies. You are also offered an Alumni Association certificate after completion of the program. 

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