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Are study abroad programs effective?

My cousin recently graduated with a master’s degree in information technology. She has been studying and living abroad for four years. We completed high school at the same time, but she went to study in Japan. I have completed my first degree. However, I have not been able to acquire a job. I have had interests in studying abroad which has led me into doing research about top universities in Australia where I would love to go for studies. My first degree was business administration. I would like to major in a field similar to my first degree, but it has proven difficult for me to conclude on a specific institution. I, therefore, would appreciate anyone with more details about study abroad programs; their benefits and whether they are valid and reliable. I would also want to understand the most commercial degree programs so that I can choose from a list. Thank you in advance.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 12, 2018

One benefit of international learning is that you get to choose the study abroad program that suits you best. Governments open doors to allow more students to freely join universities within their boundaries by adjusting their laws. Universities that offer these degree programs to international students are also becoming more accommodative so that the students feel part of the community.

The international programs are as effective as studying in the local universities in our countries. Additionally, these programs are even better in some ways than our local universities. It is because one can gain a cross-cultural experience and a different perspective towards multiple issues. This exposure to international students is evident even in how they live. For instance, a student in among the top Australian universities will be able to learn the culture first-hand, unlike someone who studies culture from a book or a movie. Since the international students usually do not have close relatives in the country, they are forced to learn on their own how to develop communication skills in a new environment. Friends become a student’s family and making new ones is something they have to do. These circumstances help a student develop relationship skills that can be used in networking.

Acquiring international studies could build up your resume positively. The content of the courses is more diverse than what is taught locally. For instance, going for studies in Japan for an information technology course will get skills that prepare you to work both in Japan and internationally. I, therefore, assure you that most international courses are valid as long as jobs and careers are concerned. You can go forward with the course of your choice as most of the classes are marketable.

You’ve mentioned you have interest in universities in Australia. It is a good choice you have made. However, you do not have to worry about internship opportunities and whether you can get them. Most universities have career offices or department to help international students get internships. They also advise on the legal requirements that they should observe while in their stay overseas. Most countries have programs that help international students to get internships at the end of their learning or even during the vacation times to enable them to gain hands-on experience as they continue with the course. 

Charles McAlear2 years ago

It is important to note that it is not only essential to research about the institution you want to study, but also focus on the country you are going to be living in. It will help you understand the state better. Countries’ rules and constitution differ from each other, and for this reason, you should not assume such vital details. You should also check the details of the location of the campus before enrolling. Ask about the weather, environment, the distance between the institution and the nearest towns. This information will help you prepare yourself psychologically and ensure your study abroad program goes on efficiently. I am an alumnus of an international university, and my career has been very smooth.

I thus advise that if you want to take a degree abroad, there is no reason to worry. Most universities have established policies and structures and hence enhance the comfort of international students. Governments have also put in place laws for the protection of international students. 

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