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Are short courses online beneficial to professional careers?

Being an engineer, I have read an article online about how young engineers with advanced education are getting better pay packages. This information has taken me by complete surprise because I’ve never considered furthering my education. So I started my search at the Center for Online Education. I’m considering engineering short courses online first because of financial constraints. I’m not keen on online learning resources, and if I had money, I’d just do a Master’s degree. I need advice on this issue.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on May 22, 2018

You are right to worry about furthering your education. Fields previously considered challenging to venture in are now almost saturated. Engineers who graduated five or more years ago may boast of experience to rival the younger generations advanced learning. I do understand your sentiments though. Once you get a job and probably start a family, any dreams of furthering education are shelved.

Doing a master’s immediately after a bachelor’s degree has become the norm in most professions. Also, it is true; statistics have shown that more qualified and licensed engineers take home a bigger piece of the cake as compared to those with only a bachelor’s degree.

In reality, you are lucky to be in a profession where you can get sustainable employment with only a bachelor’s certificate. However, it is not too late to begin, and online short courses are an excellent place to start your continuing education. You cannot wait until you have acquired the required amount of money for your Masters. A master’s degree takes time as well, and it would be more efficient if you took time to plan for it first.

The Center for Online Ed previously known as previously known as is one useful tool for your search for short programs in mechanical engineering. These courses add value to your career in many ways.

  • You get new skills and knowledge of new technologies. Keeping up with the advancement in technology should be the key concern to anyone working in a field of science. Machines and techniques for their use and repair become obsolete as soon as a more straightforward method is discovered. Short programs address this challenge.
  • Second, you can refresh on learned concepts. There may be concepts you learned while doing your undergraduate that you may require more understanding. Take a short refresher course in these areas to enhance your practice.
  • These courses improve and enrich your resume. You get certificates of completion of them. These are excellent additions to make your CV more appealing to potential employers.
  • They improve your customer service delivery. You can give your clientele more quality services with these courses. Through added training, your skills and expertise in handling jobs become more efficient.
  • You can negotiate for better pay. If salary is your primary concern, register in an online learning resource to acquire a more competitive advantage. Then you can approach your employer to negotiate for better remuneration. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Online short courses came into existence to help busy professionals continue learning. They may not quite meet the standard of in-classroom learning, but you will not miss anything significant by studying online. They are:

  • Affordable. It is more like paying for an actual degree in little bits. And for each bit, you earn yourself a certificate.
  • Specialized in niche areas. You can concentrate in a particular area at a time. Therefore, you get a specialized understanding of your chosen fields.
  • Flexible. Most of these courses are self-paced, which means that you get to take classes whenever you want. You can do as much or as little coursework as you wish.
  • Easily accessible. You only need an internet connection and an enabled device to access course material and classes. Therefore, you can study wherever you are.
  • Fast to complete. It takes a few days or weeks to finish a short course. 

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