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Are school reviews necessary?

The school rating website has been in use to influence public school review for years. Different methods and considerations are in place to achieve the same. Students are always in different environments. There is no ideal provision for review for students in the same level in different locations. High school reviews do not consider this fact. It makes some schools be at a higher rank than other schools. I feel that this is not right. It makes some students from particular schools feel inferior, like me. I want to know if we neglect all the conditions that develop statistics, do we need school reviews?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 11, 2018

I understand what it means to be in a school that has a low ranking, and you associate with students that have their schools on top of the list. I did not grow up from a well-off family. It tells you that my education was a problem. Our family could not afford the best education at that time. Like many students, I wanted to be in a school that had a “name”. My parents did not consider any school review for me to join the elementary school, and even if they did, finance would be a problem. I joined a school that they could afford.  It was not among the schools that performed the best.

After my elementary and middle school, I did not require any high school reviews for me to join a school that people used to know it performed well. I knew that it was not a school that delivers, but an individual. Anyone can do well anywhere depending on his or her purpose and the focus. I was a bright student, but anytime I was in a company of my friends from high-ranking schools, they saw me as a fool. Everyone mocked me. They did not understand that our family income was the reason I joined the school. I did my high school and performed better than many of my peers in good schools.

From my experience, school review is not necessary. With or without the consideration it does not affect the students. I believe the review is for a personal benefit, and not for students’ interest. The review does not prove the actual potential of students. It only works to make some schools highly regarded over others. The regard is not from the ranking but from the teachers’ devotion to ensuring quality education. For example, the public school reviews in the United States make students believe that the schools are the reason for success. The truth is that students are the reason for school success. The idea has made many parents depend on the school rating websites to find schools for their loved ones. Most students end up not performing to the standards when in those schools. All they knew was being in such schools means  . It has affected the students’ performance, and that is the reason why the schools that were thought to have higher ratings are now being overtaken by the schools that were disregarded. It is because the academic growth of institutions depends on the culture the learners develop.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

The review is a government project in the education sector. Governments cannot come up with a platform that is not significant to education segment. Every program that warrants the state involvement is essential. The goal of any government is to have its citizens learned. It devises ways to ensure that the goals of providing quality education are attainable. I want to disagree that school reviews are not necessary. Schools cannot deliver the best without the help of the government. The standards of the schools can be at stake when there is nothing in place to compare the performances with other institutions. One way of making sure that poor performing schools improve is through evaluation. It helps to make the school administration find a need for developing the school standards to match other schools. Without any involvements, we cannot know the schools that have best teachers our student can attend. I feel that school reviews are necessary for our state. 

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