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Are online doctoral programs attainable for those who work?

I have the notion that online doctoral programs demand very high standards of thorough academic study and research. I got a job as soon as I had completed my master’s degree. Can a doctoral or a PhD online be attainable considering my job commitment? I do not think I will manage to be commuting to class daily for an on-campus study; besides, I do not have the money to commute to class at the moment. Can an online doctorate earn me a top job in my field of study? I hope it will be convenient and achievable for me to undertake a web-based learning.

Curtis Rhodes

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 21, 2018

You can achieve your online doctoral program easily and conveniently in a subject that suits you. These programs are designed to help students who cannot compromise their career and family obligations to enroll in an on-campus study. The programs offer nothing less than traditional degree programs, doctoral components of a traditional degree are all combined in an Online PhD schedule. These include occasional lectures, seminars, coursework research and fieldwork, exams, colloquia and thesis presentation. Students are supposed to log into the institution’s portal or dashboard in order to undertake all mandatory requirements and optional interactions. Just like traditional doctoral programs, online doctoral programs are highly dependent on a candidate’s self-discipline when it comes to their time management. And, for them to be able to undertake the course successfully; they are supposed to carry themselves up with a high sense of motivation as they participate systematically in online classes. Students are supposed to utilize technological provisions of calls and video conferencing, chat and messaging services, multi-media presentations and use of email.

Doctoral degrees online are increasingly being offered in subjects ranging from education, leadership, business, and health. Studying for a doctorate online offers an added advantage as compared to the traditional degree programs, candidates pursuing their doctoral degrees online have got the advantage of flexible scheduling, and they can take their classes at their own convenient time. Students can easily access their faculty members and get the assistance that they seek through a one-on-one engagement with their professors. It gets even better when hundreds of students are looking for the attention of an instructor. This web-based kind of learning is cost-effective considering that the cost otherwise needed to commute to class is excluded, plus, you have the bonus of improving your typing skills, keeping updated with computer technology and developing strong researching skills on the internet. And if you are wondering whether a PhD is capable of earning you a top position in your field, then you should know that the higher education universal standard is a doctorate. This is an indication of the student’s demonstration of complete mastery of a discipline or a particular specialization. A student of the doctorate is recognized as an authority in his or her field of research; therefore, they have got the access to the most exclusive job positions and therefore can enjoy the highest salaries of all the degree levels in the job market. Online PhD programs in highly competitive areas such as business and education can be advantageous in setting a candidate apart.

Brian Warner2 years ago

Those looking for a school to earn a PhD online should first of all review the academic achievements attained by prospective faculty members in terms of publications, awards and conference presentations. The requirements to enter into a doctorate-conferring university or college are the same for traditional applicants and the candidates applying to enroll online. It only varies from school to school when it comes to application materials. Many of the doctoral programs offered online require that an applicant possess a master's degree, but some of the programs only need a bachelor's degree. The institution requires that you present your exact grade point average from your previous college coursework. You will also be required to present reference letters from different professional sources; you may also be required to bring your GRE or GMAT scores. The school will need an essay that outlines the research goals that must be undertaken in the degree program.

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