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Are online courses for credit reliable?

I am below average when it comes to the speed of learning. I am planning to do a degree in Spanish in the near future. Some of my friends suggested that there are online courses for credit which will also benefit me in my future college education. I have heard of UCLA online course. Do they offer online Spanish courses for college credit? What are the benefits of taking online summer college courses for credit for a weak student like me? What should I do to get more information about the UCLA courses and policies?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on January 12, 2018

Well, you are on the right track. Online summer courses for college credit are a useful way to utilize your summer in a way that benefits in your college education as well. These online credit courses are very popular these days for a number of reasons and purposes. The first reason is that you can save money. Quite interesting, isn’t it? According to the UCLA summer sessions website, if you are enrolled in online courses only, the campus and registration fee is waived, and, when you wish, you have the opportunity to join regular campus study. Secondly, all the online courses have the same unit credit as the face-to- face education and the students taking online courses are allowed access to all the campus services.

At UCLA, you can find two types of online courses; fully online courses and hybrid courses. The fully online courses are completed almost totally online. To facilitate communication, the course uses email, blogs and online discussion forums. It is provided on the website that to participate in some courses, it is necessary for students to use facilities like Skype to ensure real-time participation. However, in some other courses, students have the opportunity to set their own schedule where all the lecture content is pre-recorded. However, you can’t expect the online courses to be easier than the in-person courses. These courses are highly likely to have assignment deadlines, orientation classes, and in-person exams. So the online courses will require the same amount of effort as the on-campus learning. In hybrid courses, parts of the course are completed online while the remaining is on-campus. The beauty of these online courses is that they carry the same credit and their transcripts will not show if they were taken online or on-campus.

If your plan is to take online college credit Spanish courses at UCLA, the first thing you need is to visit the UCLA summer session’s website and check the availability of the course. Also, check the way the course is arranged because some of the courses will require additional facilities for real-time participation.

Remember, UCLA online courses are not the only available options for an online course for credit. There are services like StraighterLine, Sophia Pathways, edX Credit Programs, and online college credit courses. These services offer you a chance to jump-start your college or university degree, study at your own pace, and save a considerable amount of money at the same time. These all services allow you to transfer credit to nearly 2000 colleges and universities. Now it is up to you to communicate with them and learn about their policies before enrolling. Best of luck in your online learning.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I did Principles of Management course from It was quite easy and impressive. There were 129 lessons in total. It takes only less than 10 minutes to cover a lesson. I found the video lessons very easy and entertaining. In less than a month, I was able to take the test and gain transferable credit for college. I will complete two years of my college education online with and then transfer the credit. Using their College Accelerator facility, learning has become very easy. I will be saving a lot of time and money by attending on-campus classes. Additionally, I have started working full-time and earning some money because there is enough time to study after work. I think you should check things like the money you can save, the time you will need to invest, and the flexibility and easiness of the lessons before deciding where to do your online courses for college credit.

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