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Are Navient student loans really that bad?

I’ve heard a lot of negativity poured down on Navient student loans recently. There is constant talk about lawsuits and how the company harms its clients. When you look at its website and compare its offers with student federal loans, nothing seems to be off.

Paying back student loans has always been a sensitive issue for our people. Some of us have to “work for their college” years after graduation. It sounds rather awful. If the lender has bad reputation, it seems to be the most inconvenient situation you find yourself in. So, is Navient really that bad?

Also, one more question from me. How to consolidate student loans with Navient?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 29, 2018

Well, there has been talk about student loan crisis for years now. It all didn’t happen suddenly. Gradually, new and new alterations in the law were made and, as a result, what we have now happened. Yes, the whole situation is sad and very inconvenient for our students. Poor families have to deal with loans if the teen is not a prodigy and will have no bursaries or grants.

The Navient student loan company is an active part of this crisis. Lawsuits seem to follow it. The major one was filed back in October 2017 by the state attorney general of Pennsylvania. The company was accused of predatory and harmful practices. In fact, Navient is really not clean at all. In addition to being a notable borrower, it bought a few debt collection agencies to secure its position in any case. The system guarantees the success of the company. As a result, it often fails its borrowers who turn out to be the only losing side.

While federal student loans are treasured for their low rates and generally favorable terms, some people decide to blindly believe any borrower. We are just too relaxed. Besides, according to the server itself, there are no requirements for lenders to work in favor of the consumer. You are responsible for your actions and no one will help you.

Well, this attitude is not what people are looking for these days. That is why the Navient company is losing its customer with high speed.

Though, if you are already disappointed with your student loan services, it is possible to get rid of it through consolidation and refinancing. If you wonder how to consolidate loans for students, here is a list of top companies that will help you with this issue:  Though they are believed to be the best, you should check each one of them for unpleasant cases and rumors to be sure that you won’t trade bad for worse.

I’m not saying that Navient is an evil corporation that only wants to take your money away from you. They are not stealing and hardly doing anything illegal per se. It is its recent attitude towards the clients that worries most people. That are always complaints when money is involved. No company is ideal. Navient just became notable for its lawsuits and unsatisfied families.

Anyway, research any service that you plan to work with thoroughly. Students today are really on their own and have to learn to take responsibility.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I don’t think that Navient student loans are a bad idea. I have one and nothing is wrong with it. I cannot really understand why people are always complaining about this company. Maybe, they are reckless and irresponsible themselves and the lender is always to blame.

So what if Navient doesn’t scream about their wish to help people each time they see press? I’m actually more doubtful in those companies that do. We are dealing with money here; surely you understand that no company would want to lose profit.

The company’s website is done beautifully. It describes every little detail you need to know. The terms are not bad, and their support crew answers all questions you ask. They list and explain all plans and how they work so you can have a general view of their terms. To learn more, you can call or visit them personally.

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