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Are girls better in sports than boys are?

Caroline Campbell

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on August 9, 2018

Depends on what sports.The girls have stronger legs than us.But very sensitive to the knees.If you have to do the sport that I would like to say to the guys.But depending on the age.A girl is equal to that of a child(depending on if shes active) between 1-11.So that's really a basic easy way to compare because after boy hits puberty, the males are 5 x stronger when they were a long time ago (depending on if the guy is in the regular puberty stage,which means that when one gets a little muscular when he is in form.but also becomes faster and stronger.But if a girl is use to a sport in which the man never played, yes, the girl would be better.But if they play the same sport as a child or a girl child can be better in the sport.The girls can then be a child as a child,but when a child hits puberty~it is a little hard for a girl better than a boy during the stage of puberty,but if the guys a little big, the girl has the opportunity,if there is, both of spruce or not, then I would say a I would say a boy,but a girl if shes lucky depending on the sport or weight.

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