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Are dolphins mammals?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on May 27, 2019

Yes. The dolphins, like whales, are actually mammals. Dolphins and whales breathe air and have to surface with time.apparently fish like mammals. That nurse their offspring, as well as all other mammals. Are warm-blooded vertebrates that breathe by means of lungs instead of gills, and they suckle their young. Mammalian characters include warm-bloodedness, hair, mammary glands, 7 cervical vertebrae, and non-nucleated red blood cells. However, there are several species of fish called "el dorado", which are not mammals. Probably the most famous one is the common dolphinfish, now usually called "mahi-mahi" to avoid just this confusion. The dolphin is a mammal because it (1) has hair, (2) possess 7 cervical vertebrae (3) gives life to their babies, (4) they possess mammary glands for nursing. Yes they are, as they have lungs through which they breathe as oppose to the gills as the fish. They can keep the oxygen in their lungs for long periods of time under water, but as the whales have to surface periodically to release the carbon dioxide through their blow holes and admit fresh oxygen.

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