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Are college ave student loans a good choice?

I am looking for a suitable service I could use to apply for student loans. A friend used college ave student loans and was successful with the process. I am hesitant about using this lender program because I do not know much about the loan application processes. I would appreciate any relevant information about this student loan program and whether people use it to get graduate student loans. I also would like to know if I can consolidate private student loans with this service.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 22, 2018

This lender program offers loans at suitable rates to students and also has an easy payment plan. With many students in the country applying for student loans many end up drowning in debt even after school. They find it challenging to manage their finances while paying back these loans. Doing your own finances could be draining but College Ave will offer you easy payment plans that will enable you to manage your income by paying your loan and also save. It has four payment options that enable students to choose which one suits them best. Their mode of payment is flexible and also has a functionary option of two year interest. These include:

  • Full principal and interest payment
    This plan enables students to pay their loans while still in school. This is an
    advantageous plan since it enables students to pay minimal interest while allowing them to save
  • Flat payment
    With this plan a flat rate of money is paid and not necessarily in large amounts. Students can make payment while still in school and ultimately they will have paid high interest
  • Interest only plan
    This payment plan also enables students to pay their loans on a monthly basis while studying. Payment is done at subsided amounts and this will enable you to cut down of the total interest to be paid
  • Deferred payment plan
    The student in this plan is exempted from paying the loan while still in school but once they graduate they start paying. This payment plan however ultimately more expensive since the student is offered a longer grace period.

College Ave does not limit their consolidation services to federal loans. To answer your question, yes, college ave also consolidates private student loans for students. Through consolidation the payments are lowered and also the interest rates are subsidized. The company also offers student loans at both fixed and variable rates to their clients at even discounts. Students have a wide choice to consolidate various amounts of loans from at least $5,000. All students have an opportunity to consolidate their student graduate loans making them more manageable. College Ave also charges no organization fees and application fees; the payment terms offered by College Ave range from five to fifteen years. Their payment rates range from 2.5% variable interest rates and 4.74% fixed interest rates.

Brian Warner2 years ago

It is possible to successfully pay all student loans using college Ave. The application process is quick however it is necessary you meet their requirement if you want to have a successful application. With many loan refinancing and consolidation companies, students should be careful when selecting a type of company good for them. College Ave is among the few companies offering exceptional services to students as they also offer flexible repayment options and other beneficial repayment plans like income driven repayment plans. As long as you adhere to the requirements which include: ensure that you are at least eighteen years of age and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. The company also requires that you are a certified graduate and undergraduate of an ascertained Title IV program. The refinancing and consolidation option offered by College Ave is viable and has a solid reputation as a loan lender.

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