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Are CIEE study abroad programs suitable for postgraduate studies?

I know that going for a semester or a summer break to another country to study while you are undergraduate is easy. You can visit any country of the world as a part of your studies and continue your normal life afterward.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed my chance. So, now I’m looking for postgraduate programs. Are there CIEE study abroad offer to pay attention to? I’ve heard it has good reputation among students. What about the next level of higher education? Are there any schools in Australia or universities in UK that have suitable offers?

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on June 15, 2018

You haven’t missed your chance yet! Postgraduate international studies are as popular as the undergraduate ones. Among my friends, this option is even more widespread. When you already have a degree and some experience in life, going to another country is easier. Besides, most programs last no longer than a year or two. This time is completely enough to see the country, travel, and complete your degree. I would like to support your decision and encourage you to finally choose some courses abroad.

As for CIEE, of course, there are postgraduate options. It has been supporting students for about 70 years now. Don’t you think they would take care of master’s degrees? Every student applying to CIEE abroad studies will find relevant programs. The variety of them is impressive. There are both short-term and long-term courses. You can choose any time for your trip. Do you want warm weather with beaches? Summertime in the southern countries is your best option. If you favor snow and mountains, a winter break in Sweden would be good.

In addition, there are many customizable courses. What do you think about multi-country programs? I must admit that CIEE is the only place I know that offers this kind of adventure. I know you can choose three countries and divide your studies between them. There is search page on the official website that allows you to choose a destination, field of study, discipline, term, and language preferences. This is an easy way to sort through all those offers that may intrigue you.

Also, the financial support is a part of your studies. If you require a scholarship or a grant, you have great chances to get one. There are several kinds of financial help CIEE offers. Read this page - There is everything from the standard need-based aid to minority scholarships, and going-abroad-again grants.

As for the schools in Australia, CIEE works with Perth, a city that shows you the culture and wildlife of the country that most tourists want to see. If you want a more hectic life, choose Sydney or Melbourne. I don’t know whether CIEE currently works with the capital bit Perth is a sure option.

UK universities are a little easier to choose from as we all know at least some basic information about them. We all also can be sure that the education you get there is top-notch and valued in any country. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I don’t think CIEE offers any programs in Sydney or Melbourne, as of now. But Perth offers great studies in biology and ecology. You can simply choose a summer course and continue your postgraduate studies elsewhere. I think this location is worth it—the nature is so amazing and exotic for most of us.

In general, CIEE study abroad programs are better taken in summer. Of course, this is subjective advice but I think that living away from home in a foreign country for a semester or even a year may be tiresome. I would like to travel on a break. Besides, all my acquaintances who have studied abroad for a short term are glad, fresh, and active. Longer trips are not so comfortable financially and physically. For short courses, CIEE is an ideal option. 

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