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Are boys and girls treated different?

Craig Stewart

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Ramon Kelly on May 22, 2019

Look there is no dang reason for boys and girls to be treated DIFFERENTLY! In my opinion, anyone who thinks girls should be treated differently than the children or tthat are otherwise the BUTTS! Of course, the girls are usually the ones treated unfairly, because they are not "strong" . But that does not mean that girls must be punished or paid less, or even evidence of which is speaking in science class (that happened to my class today). And you want to know why! Because not all girls are lazy, addicted to television that can be taken advange of. One thing is for sure, the GIRLS NEED to WORK TOGETHER TO STOP THE MADNESS! The children have a science to learn, and some kids are more lazy and stupid than the laziest and stupidest girl alive (I'm sure about stupidety). Sure most of the work decisions of girls like that, but there is so much more! And I think that if girls work for good pay, equal rights, and way less sexual humiliation, we're going to win!

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