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Are Berkeley online courses accredited?

I have fallen victim to unaccredited free online web design courses three times. As a result, I have lost a lot of time and energy chasing the wind. This issue has made me quite skeptical of MOOCs. Yesterday, I came about some Berkeley online courses. Of course, most of people know Berkeley programs. I have no information about them. Can anyone offer information on the credibility of these courses?

Help me find information about free online graphic design courses with certificates.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on April 16, 2018

The University of California, Berkley is an established educational institution that offers recognized courses. Since 2012, this university has undertaken efforts that intend to provide free online educational resources and classes to interested students.

If I had the information I have now on online Berkeley courses, I would not have hesitated to join this excellent institution a few years back. This university has been offering online courses for almost two decades now. These programs have benefited many students ever since their introduction. At any instance, there are at least 16,000 students enrolled for online lessons.

Berkeley offers 28 fully accredited online degree courses. Graduating with an excellent online program from Berkeley will help you get into good occupations. To see some of the companies that hire online graduates from Berkeley go to the university’s website.

You can also check out student testimonials regarding these online courses on their MySpace profile.

From your question, I have realized that you are interested in graphic design. I suggest that you visit any of Berkeley campuses and inquire about their programs from an admission staff. While there you will get information directly from the horse’s mouth. You can ask if they offer a free online graphic design course with a certificate.

Berkeley University offers a lifetime career help service to all students who graduate from there. This function shows that you do not have to worry about their courses. They are ready to assist you even after you graduate. Still doubting these guys?

You don’t have to worry about edX. This site is a reputed provider of MOOCs. It hosts university-level programs in an array of disciplines. The courses here cater to students from across the planet.

Therefore, at any moment, you will be assured of getting the best education that is recognized world over. Getting a free online course in web design is no problematic fete on edX. In fact, you will find tons of such courses offered by different universities. Ever been spoilt for choice?

I would like to recommend a free web designing course provided by Microsoft on edX. This program teaches you the best practices and guidelines that are necessary for helping you develop a web application from square one. This five-week course also educates you on how you can be able to repair inaccessible websites in the present age. You can enroll now for this course.

Good luck!

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