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Are Australians racist?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on September 10, 2018

Some of them are especially the young people, some of them do not like people of color, I think it is because they are ignorant.. Some Australians have racist tendencies. There are people in all the cultures around the world - not just Australia - who judge others in this way. Australia, like all countries, there are people with different degrees of racism. Also, some of the actions that can be perceived as racism and other overseas are not necessarily intended to offend, but that may well be silly and insensitive. Some Australians may have a completely wrong sense of humor. This is also the case in many other countries and ultures across the world. The fact that "racist activities" gain so much attention, in fact, an indication that the great majority of Australians frown upon discrimination. If not, then racist activities would not be considered newsworthy. The other difference for Australia is that it is the second youngest country in the world, and therefore does not experience the shame of slavery that dogged countries such as England and the united states. However, while the "slavery" has never existed in Australia, the way he did in the foreigner, old English values of submission and it is expected that of the Aborigines, and the belief that there were intelligent people, no doubt imbued with the society until the same time that African-Americans obtained their natural rights as citizens of their country. In effect, it was carried to Australia in less time - relatively speaking - to learn of his racism errors that led to other English-speaking countries. But you will still find old racist values still abound among some members of the older generation, and sometimes these values are being passed on to younger members - just as they still are abroad.

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