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Are articles on education in America reliable indicators of the country’s quality of education?

I am an active stakeholder in education. I regularly read newspaper articles on education to understand the aspects that affect our education system. This also helps me to identify the educational needs of my children. I also follow current education news on television at home. There have been many controversial opinions on how our education system affects students. I’m wondering whether these articles on education in America are dependable in gauging the quality of education in our schools?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 30, 2018

My opinion is that articles on American education will most probably only point out the flaws in the education system. They may not be the best indicators of the quality of education your child is receiving in schools. However, it is good to read them, as you will be able to view both ends of the spectrum.

Arguably, America has one of the best, if not the best education system in the world. If you are interested in evaluating the quality of education your children are receiving in school here are a few pointers:

● The school curriculum.
The school curriculum is the material children are learning in school. The US government standardizes the public school curriculum taught in the country. However, a few aspects may vary from state to state. What your children learn in school is a good indicator of the quality of education offered.
● The quality of teaching staff.
The kind of person teaching your children directly affects performance. Well-qualified and professional teachers give high quality output to learners. Find information on the credentials and experience of the teaching staff in your children’s school. The teachers should be able to create a positive learning atmosphere.
● The general performance of students.
This is the most obvious indicator of the quality of education. Most parents enroll their children in schools that produce high performing students or schools that have a high number of students enrolling in top tier universities. You can find information on performance of different schools in current educational news.
● The learning resources available.
Learning resources include library capacity, adequate teachers and ample classroom space. Ensure you look at the facilities and resources your children access in their particular school. Visit their library and check the reading materials stocked there.
● Extra-curricular activities offered. Classroom learning is not the only thing that your child need to be well educated. School activities such as sports, drama, music and competitive debates help nurture you child to become an all rounded person.
● The student satisfaction and overall behavior.
Various education articles in newspapers have evaluated the connection between student satisfaction and the quality of education. In most cases, child negatively views school if the quality of education offered is poor. Good education results from the mutual interaction of the students with the teachers. If there is no link between the two sides the student breeds resentment towards the school and often become unruly.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I could not agree more with this response. Ensuring that our children receive the best education largely depends on the parents. The government has put down measures to bring harmony in the education sector but the rest belongs to us. Therefore, it is important to be concerned with the quality of learning our children are receiving in schools.

However, I do think there are some very informative American articles on education. Most of them do exaggerate the problems the education system has faced in the recent years but I think they have the right intentions at heart.

These articles look at current issues in education and try to provide solutions. Therefore, what affects us now may not affect us next year. They can help you gauge the quality of education but only on a short-term basis. I’ll give them some credit as they have helped address various challenges affecting schoolchildren.

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