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Are Advanced placement classes better than International Baccalaureate classes?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Dana Keller on March 18, 2018

The IB program is part of a UNESCO non-governmental international organizations. This is an internationally recognized and provides a standard of education wherever offered. Very useful for use in schools and universities abroad, who do not recognize some or all regular courses, or that they are not familiar with the country of origin of the education system. All IB students who graduated should have the same education, while in the IB program, making it easier for the reception tables for the assessment of education candidates. Advanced Placement is to standardize the curriculum, only in the United States, to the universities, as a rule, give loans, if high enough, she got. Do not give credit if the mark is not impossible. Was created mainly to allow the students final year of study University-level material. Please note that the center of attention for two programs do not coincide. The IB approach is to give standard education to students (from Primary School to School) around the world. While the AP the goal of the program is to give high school students to study University-level material.

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