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Apart from Quizlet Flashcards, Which Are the Other Reliable Study Tools?

Since the world continues to embrace new technology, education must not also be left behind. We are beginning to find the conventional forms of learning to be more obsolete by the day. Unlike several years back, memorizing textbook content has become outdated, thanks to the new technology.

I’m aware of Quizlet flashcards, and their impact on education. However, I believe there are other additional programs that can be categorized as the best study tools. I’m looking for professional guidance on how to study online.  I also need a highlight of the most effective study tools in the market. Thank you.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 21, 2018

Students are currently taking control of how they learn. The online world has significantly transformed learning from the original system of grinds, homework, and schools. Once upon a time, students had to visit a library for their research work or consult with colleagues about their assignments. However, the 21st century student has a wealth of online resources that aid in everything from offering revisions material to improving time management. Here are some of the most effective study tools.

  • Quizlet

You already know about this great resource that is great for helping you create flashcards and quizzes. It can be used by learners at different academic levels and not only at university. Notably, the tool can also be useful for trainee teachers who can use them in their classes.

  • GoConqr

The fantastic tool allows you to create several study aids such as flashcards, mind maps, study planners, quizzes and slides to help with your exams and assignments. Moreover, you can access crowdsourced resources totaling more than 3 million. These are important in helping you studying online and get the most of what other fellow students are developing.

  • Grammarly

While writing may not come naturally to everyone, it is still a crucial part of studying at all academic levels. The Grammarly tool can offer significant help by checking your grammar and punctuation to ensure your work reads well. Notably, students who use English as their second language would find this to be the best tool for study.

  • Schooltraq

If you are looking for how you can study online yet you have a problem tracking your work; then this may be the tool that you should look for. Schooltraq allows you to keep track of all your schoolwork and the specific deadlines. It can also synchronize everything to your cell phone, so you can update your information wherever you are.

  • Hippocampus

Numerous students across the world use visual stimuli to study more effectively. This is where this tool comes in. The free website has approximately 6,000 pieces of multimedia content across the various subjects such as mathematics, humanities, and sciences.

  • Evernote

This tool has been available for a while now, and it isn’t specifically designed for students. However, it can still be a useful study tool as it allows users to make and access their notes from whatever location. Additionally, the tool allows other individuals to edit and submit additional notes, making it ideal for group study.

Eric Bates2 years ago

I agree with the full highlight of the most reliable study tools. However, there are still some other tools that have to be mentioned. They include:

  • Udemy

Anyone who has visited the site can confirm that Udemy has a wide range of essential resources that can be useful to students. In fact, it’s among the websites offering the best online courses. The opportunity granted by Udemy can help you learn several real-world skills for your own good. The most popular courses in this platform include guitar lessons, Yoga, Python courses, Web development and Java tutorials.

  • Study Blue

The platform has more than 350 million digital notecards that are user-generated so that you can learn anything via this platform. Additionally, it offers several other study tools such as review sheets, flashcards, study guides, and quizzes to help boost your study process.

  • Quill

The site helps students write without errors. It offers several grammar and writing exercises essential in helping you polish your skills in writing. Notably, it is only through honing your skills and regular practice that you can write flawlessly.

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