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Apart from Australian Centre for Continuing Education, where else can I get continuing education for mental health professionals?

I am looking for a US-based continuing education provider to learn information that is relevant to US demographic. I feel like the Centre for Continuing Education will not be appropriate for me right now. However, I will still use it for my accounting continuing education.

Does anyone have information on continuing education for psychologists in the US?

Please, advise me.

Theresa Perry

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on May 8, 2018 is an excellent provider of continuing education for a psychologist course. This site is certified by the American Psychological Association to provide continuing education for mental health professionals courses and sustains responsibility for these classes and their content. is recognized by the Board of Psychology in Florida. This website reports finished courses to the Florida psychologists CeBroker.

Before starting this course, you ought to understand the difference between CE credits and Psychology CEU programs.  A CE credit for mental health professionals, i.e., psychologists is awarded as one credit for one contact hour. On the other hand, a CEU grants one CEU for each ten contact hours. Therefore, whenever you come across the term "Psychology CEU" replace it with "Psychology CE credit."

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) cannot imply credits from APA-certified providers. It is only a term.

You cannot get accounting continuing ed. on this site. Among other courses, it provides a psychology Ethics CE program free. This makes it quite simple to get your CE credits to allow you to renew your license.

Other courses offered include CE's in Psychology Supervision and Ethics and Law for Psychologists. For psychologists operating in Florida, provides a medical errors program called the Prevention of Medical Errors by Psychologists.

If you find out that your state approves programs provided by APA CE providers, do not hesitate to take your online course from this website. To find out your state psychology requirements for continuing education, click on the Accreditation tab on the top part of the webpage.

Here, you will be required to type your state and profession in different spaces and then click on ‘check requirements.’ Just like the Centre for Continuing Ed., this website has various courses which are affordable. No need to keep hustling for a place to get your continuing education credits.

I highly recommend that you take a free ethics program to get an idea of the continuing education courses. This step will entail downloading the program material and the post-quiz for mental health professionals.

In the post-quiz, you are required to circle the right answers while reading your course literature. After finishing your test, go to the website, and submit your answers. If you attain the passing score, you can print out your certificate (to indicate successful course completion) right away.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I have taken several continuing education for psychologists courses at, and I agree that this one of the best CE providers for psychologists. If you are in need of at least four CEUs, you will immensely benefit from the Unlimited Courses package. At a fair price of only $74.99, you will get the entire continuing education programs for one year after the date of procurement. Sincerely, I think no other CE site beats this.

Earning CEUs in psychology from is way more cost effective, convenient, and more accessible than going to forums, workshops or seminars. You will find all the relevant classes you need to be able to renew your license to practice. is a leader in providing home study (online courses) for continuing education courses in the mental health sector.

Try out CE4less to access programs such as Marijuana overview, therapeutic communities, elder abuse, etc.


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