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Anyone Who Has Taken Any Of The Columbia University Online Courses, Do Employers Recognize Your Degree?

I want to further my studies. However, since I am working, I don’t think I can bear to attend classes as well as keep my work schedule. In my situation, the only option is internet education. I want to join one of the Columbia University online courses. The thing is, most hiring managers scoff at online degrees and certifications. I don’t want something that will not add value to my resume. So before I enroll into the program, I would like to know if anyone here has taken free online finance courses at Columbia. How did employers react to your resume? Was it just for personal knowledge or did it help you in your career?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Derrick Little on February 2, 2018

As a hiring manager in my firm, I am fortunate to look at many resumes most of the time. Some of them are incredible, and most are from individuals who studied in the traditional campuses. In any case, I likewise get other people who got their education through the internet. While hiring, it depends on the school. Degrees from For-Profit online universities are seen as nothing since they offer kind of shamble training. However, Columbia University is a broadly perceived college that offers private not-for-profit education.

I know Columbia University has an online program that keeps up serious admission requirements like it would for the on-grounds programs. Admission is not just for anybody. To get in, you have to go through the full application procedure including the normal admission rates of essays, transcripts, and recommendations. Columbia University is one of the best nationally licensed schools and colleges that now offer a significant number of their degree programs completely online. It is especially notable for its online graduate degree programs in engineering and education, which are positioned #1 and #93 in the country specifically by U.S. News and World Report.

The college offers separate learning courses in business administration, software engineering and IT, arts, design, and architecture and Engineering and innovation. Columbia University as of late propelled online versions of its Master of Science in Actuarial Science and Master of Arts in Statistics degree program. These projects are presently accessible to applicants from around the globe. As for the free finance courses, you will have to consult with them.

Columbia online classes enable you to fit your accredited Columbia university degree around your different duties. You'll have week after week assignments and due dates to meet, yet when you do them is dependent upon you. Employers know that Columbia University has a very much outlined online degree program which contains more rigorous and project-based learning than you'll find in a physical school.

However, what I truly prefer when hiring are candidates who can take the necessary steps and have the desired range of abilities. What's more, if you got your degree from a typical school that additionally has physical ground, (which Columbia University definitely does) no one even needs to know you did it all online.

Personally, I lean toward enlisting employees who went to an online school over the individuals who went to a physical school. An online degree (particularly from a legitimate school) demonstrates the person can presumably deal with their chance well, knows about the modern communication technology and is a self-starter. If it ever came down between the two, I would endorse the online graduates.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I took a course online through Columbia University while working full-time. I could contact tutors any time and could research and finish my work when I saw fit. The greater part of the course material was given, and we had general talk room sessions with teachers and different students in a similar program to ensure we were all in agreement. To put it plainly, internet education at Columbia is the same as in-seat classes; only you won't sit in a classroom. You'll cooperate with your tutors and colleagues in online dialog forum and over email, and you'll finish a similar coursework and learning objectives you would if you were at their primary ground.

I have used my certificates to find a well-paying job, and I am grateful. Don't confuse online accredited universities with the online For-profit colleges. If you get your online degree from a school that has physical campuses, it will look exactly like the degrees the students in physical
campuses get. My employer didn't even fret about it.

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