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Anyone related to Anastasia alive today?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on December 2, 2018

Her MAJESTY Queen Elizabeth II is related to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholevna as well as the rest of the Imperial family murdered in 1918. Most of European royalty today are descended one way or another from Queen Victoria of England or Christian IX of Denmark, known as "the grandparents of Europe". The Queen and the late Grand Duchess are third cousins through the Queens paternal lineage. While the Queens consort, Prince Philip of Edinburgh and the Grand Duchess Anastasia, are second cousins on their mothers two side, the late Princess Andrew (Princess Alice of Battenburg), as well as through their father, Prince Andrew of the Hellenes, the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark. Prince Phillips uncle, the late Lord Mountbatten was said to have kept a photograph of his cousin, the Grand Duchess Maria, Anastasia sister in a framework of Faberge next to his bed until the day he died in 1979 when his yacht was bombed by the IRA.

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