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An example of parallel choices in a key is _____. A. flower color is red; AA. flower color is blue A. object can fly; AA. object is black A. animal has 4 legs; AA. animal has 4 teeth

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on December 1, 2018

Answer: A. flower color is red; AA. color of the flower is blueAn example of parallel choices in a key, A. flower color is red; AA. color of the flower is of blue color.Explanation;-the Dichotomous key allows the user to determine the identity of the elements using a sequence of alternative options. Dichotomous keys always give two, mutually exclusive choices in parallel statements. The pair of statements is known as a couplet and each 1/2 of a couplet is a lead. In each couplet of a dichotomous key the user is presented with two options about a specific character present in the group of organisms, of a specific character of the state is described for each one of lead.-Sometimes the characters are quantitative (i.e., measurements) and sometimes the characters are qualitative (for example, the texture). As the user makes a choice about a particular characteristic of an organism s/he is led to a new branch or couplet of the key. Each couplet provides features that become progressively more specific until the final step is reached and the id.

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