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An easy way to remember dermatomes?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Daniel King on February 11, 2018

C1 Dermatome. Vertex of the Skull. C2 Dermatome. Temple, Forehead, Occiput. C3 Dermatome. Entire neck, posterior cheek, temporal area, prolongation forward under mandible. C4 Dermatome. Shoulder area, clavicular area, upper scapular area. C5 Dermatome. Deltoid area, anterior aspect of the arm to the base of the thumb. C6 Dermatome. Anterior arm, radial side of the hand with the thumb and index finger. C7 Dermatome. Side of the arm and of the forearm with the index and ring finger. C8 Dermatome. Medial arm and forearm to long, ring and little finger. T1 Dermatome. Medial side of forearm to base of little finger. T2 Dermatome. Medial side of upper arm to medial elbow, pectoral and midscapular areas. T3-T6 Dermatome. The Upper Chest. T5-T7 Dermatome. Costal Margin. T8-T12 Dermatome. The Abdomen and the lumbar region. L1 Dermatome. Again, about the trochanter and groin. L2 Dermatome. Again, the front of the thigh to the knee. L3 Dermatome. Back, upper buttock, anterior thigh and knee, medial lower leg. L4 Dermatome. Medial Buttock, lateral thigh, medial leg, dorsum of foot, big toe. L5 Dermatome. The buttocks, the back and lateral thigh, lateral aspect of leg, dorsum of foot, medial half of sole, first, second, and third fingers of the feet. S1 Dermatome. The buttock, the thigh, and posterior leg. S2 Dermatome. The buttock, the thigh, and posterior leg. S3 Dermatome. Groin, medial thigh to the knee. S4 Dermatome. Perineum, genitals, lower sacrum THANKS DR. MUNEEB ZAR DAULAT.

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