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An alien has 82 total chromosomes in each of its body cells. the chromosomes are paired, making 41 pairs. if the alien's gametes undergo meiosis, what are the number and arrangement (paired or not) of chromosomes in one of its gametes?

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on December 21, 2018

Which of the following is not a nucleotide found in DNA?uracil (U)If the sequence of one strand of DNA is AGTCTAGC, what is the sequence of the complementary strand?TCAGATCGIn addition to the base, what are the components of a nucleotide?phosphate and sugarWhat does each chromosome contain?The DNA and proteinsThe _______ the chromosomes of a human cell from inside the cheek are found in the _______.46, nucleusYou can detect the DNA which is located precisely on the X chromosome in a DNA sample from a person. Why can't you definitively determine the gender of the person (man or woman) of the presence of the X chromosome?Both males and females have one X chromosome, so you would have to check for the presence of a chromosome.Human red blood cells are enucleated (i.e., which have no nucleus). It is possible the isolation of DNA from red blood cells? Why or why not?No, the genomic DNA is only found in nucleated cells.DNA replication is said to be semiconservative because a newly replicated, double-stranded molecules of DNA consists of old strand and one new strandWhich of the following statements about PCR is that TRUE?DNA polymerase is the enzyme that copies DNA in the PCR.The naturally occurring process of PCR mimic in a test tube?DNA replicationIf start with a copy of a fragment of DNA, how many rounds of PCR will it take to end up with a total of 32 copies?5Complete the following statements with regard to the steps necessary to copy a DNA sequence during the PCR:1) The original two strands of the DNA molecule can be separated by __________.2) The enzyme ______________ "reads" each strand of the template and adds _______________ to make a new thread.. 1) heat 2) polymerase; complementary nucleotidesWhat is the purpose of a careful design of the primer before PCR?The primers dictate the specificity of the place you are amplifying Primers and must "sit" in the original strand of DNA to give polymerase a place to start replication.An individual's STR may vary from the same STR of another individual _____________.The number of times that a particular sequence of repeatedWhat represents the genetic variation between individuals?the presence of STR in your genomesGel electrophoresis separates the DNA to create profiles based on what?size (length)of the entire sequence of DNA in a cell used for DNA profiling is called the ______genomeWhich STR have been migrated farther through a gel electrophoresis?G aa g repeated twiceYou are studying the DNA profile of an individual, and you are looking at the results of a chromosome with a single STR site. How many bands will you see?either one or twoWhich of the following people would have DNA that is less similar to yours?his mother brotherDNA evidence can provide a researcher with information as to which of the following?the family relationships between the suspects, the identity of a person based on a profile, and places an individualHow many STRs are often used to create a profile in the forensic investigations?15you are investigating a crime. The DNA profile from the database that do not have perfect matches to the DNA collected at the scene of the crime. However, a profile in the database has at least one band in common with the crime-scene DNA at each STR site. Which of the following is the most likely conclusion can you draw?A parent-child relationship that exists between the DNA collected at the crime scene and the DNA in the database.From the STRs used in forensics, STRs on chromosomes, it is particularly useful in the determination of whether the evidence of the crime scene was left by a woman or a man?The y chromosome STRFollowing mitosis and cytokinesis, the daughter cells are _____genetically identical to each other and genetically identical to the parent cellIn the cell cycle, DNA is replicated during ____SWhich of the following processes required for normal cell division?embryonic development, wound healing, replacement of blood cells, and the intestinal tract and the cells of the skin replacementDuring what stage of the cell cycle do the sister chromatids separate from each other?anaphaseDuring what stage of the cell cycle are sister chromatids produced initially?interphaseDuring what stage of the cell cycle are the sister chromatids first displayed?prophaseWhich of the following series has the stages of the cell cycle in the correct order?G1, S, G2, and mitosis, cytokinesisIn what stage of the cell cycle does the cell spend most of your time?interphaseWhich of the following series has the stages of mitosis in the correct order?prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophaseWhat would be the result if a cell completed interphase and mitosis, but failed to complete cytokinesis?You would only have a cell and That would have the double number of chromosomes as the parent cell.A normal cell that sustains irreparable damage in the DNA the more likely it is that _____die by apoptosis

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