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Among other factors, composers started writing dynamic markings in their scores because: new instruments allowed for more dynamic ranges and contrast. they weren't influenced by new developments in instrument construction. they wanted to copy the italians. there had to be a way to make italian performers incorporate dynamic changes in their playing. answer

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on March 12, 2018

Among other factors, the composers began to write dynamic markings in their scores, because "new tools to allow for more dynamic ranges and contrast."The dynamics refer to the intensity or softness of the music. The dynamics of offer a method to demonstrate the joint in the sheet music. They help to boost the enthusiasm of the substance of the music through volume and strength. Maybe you could alter the volume and shading of depth in the screen at the same time. Also, we can think about the strength of the side elements such as the quality of a note. A couple of notes is intended to be played delicately and gently, while others are meant to be played more strongly. Some dynamic markings have a letter 'm', which remains for mezzo, meaning 'middle.' To a mezzo piano unique print similar to this (mp) and wants to play in the middle of the calm, while a mezzo specialty dynamic similar to this (mf) and has the intention of playing a half-loud voice.

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