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Advantages and disadvantages of audio communication?

Kaitlin Dean

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Karen Wright on June 16, 2020

Audio of the communication is more easy to create. Faster than typing for most human communication needs is talking. That is why we recommend writers brainstorm their first drafts talking out in a voice recorder such as tinyvox. Audio communication can also be reviewed by any person on-line through new services. The Internet has made audio communication easy again. Nondisposable audio communications, such as making a tape are valuable because they allow the author to create content without interruption, even for multiperson communication purposes. The interruption is the enemy only of ideas, but the communication of audio also excels in the capture of the conversations. Unlike video communication, audio communication rarely focuses on the capture device. The Audio communication saves time in the creation, it saves time in the review. The problem is that the audio of the communication on its own is not searchable and indexable as text. Other problems arise, such as ease of review, however, and new platforms of information and design of frameworks for the storage and review of audio communication emerged easily and can be foreseen as a new way of brainstorming, journaling, communication, the idea of storage and other things that have always been done with text communication or not record. It is also rare. This means audio communication is intriguing and engaging to the listener relative to another video or article. Unlike the text of the nuances, such as the weather, the accent, the sarcasm, the joy, and the environment may not be picked up. The spontaneity leads to opportunities for the capture of audio, where the text, scribbles, pictures, or videos do not do it justice. It is easier to convert audio to text than vice versa. Capture of duration, unlike the text.

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