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Acetone major species present when dissolved in water

Jeffrey Rodriguez

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Ashley Howard on May 31, 2018

Answer: the molecule of acetone ( CH₃-CO-CH₃)Explanation:1) the Acetone is CH₃-CO-CH₃2) Which is a molecule (accumulation of covalent bonds).3) When it dissolves, covalent bonded compounds remain as separate molecules, then it is said that the main species present in the solution is the molecule. The molecules of acetone are surrounded (sovated) by the molecules of water.This is in contrast to the case of the ionic compounds that ionize. When a compound like NaCl dissolves in water, it dissociates completely, so that the main speceies not NaCl formulas, but ions of Na⁺ and Cl⁻, not of the molecules.That leads to the answer: the majority of the species present when acetone is dissolved in water the molecules of acetone (it is not necessary to indicate the fact that the water molecules are part of the solution, because that is not the purpose of the question).

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