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According to "the world on turtle's back," which best demonstrates the iroquois view of women? women were viewed as clumsy and poor at making decisions. women were viewed as helpless without the support of men and animals. women were respected because they helped create and sustain the world. women were worshipped because they were the descendants of a goddess.

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on February 8, 2018

According to "the world of the turtle in the back," the more we show that the iroquois view of women: Women were respected because they helped to create and sustain the world.All human beings in the world who went through the pain and sacrifice of the women, which is why women are highly regarded in their society. The role that women played as a collector of food and the person responsible for the care of the children also make the iroquois the people feel in debt with all the women in their society.

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