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A word-processed résumé designed to be visually appealing is a _______. A) Print résumé B) Web résumé C) Electronic résumé D) Scannable résumé

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on November 4, 2018

A word-processed résumé designed to be visually attractive is a "Print resume".Word processor is the new term that is used for a touch typist. In the olden days, individuals were not very comfortable with the composition, so that you employ the administrations of a typist. With the approach of innovation and instruction, people today compose their own records. Word processors set up and plan, reports, letters, messages and different records of the use of the PC, and other useful programming. The word processor will use the word the preparation of instructions to organize the records and to correct possible syntax errors or the number of pages accordingly. In the wake of editing the file, the print processor, and arrange the reports for the introduction or the recording. Word processors also perform other administrative functions and authority of the obligations in the work place.

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